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Today is my point on The Ripper Gene blog expedition! I’m so excited to have ~ing a part of this as I verily enjoyed this book!

About the Author:

MICHAEL RANSOM is a molecular pharmacologist and a recognized expert in the fields of toxicogenomics and pharmacogenetics. He is widely published in according to principles journals and has edited multiple textbooks in biomedical careful search. He is currently a pharmaceutical executive and an adjunct professor in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Raised in country Mississippi, he now makes his home in north New Jersey. The Ripper Gene is his earliest novel.

Many thanks to Sarah at Smith Publicity and the writer for my copy of The Ripper Gene in traffic for an honest review.

About the main division :

Does your DNA influence your aptness to choose between good and badness? 

The tenuous link between compounded genetics and violent, antisocial behavior is the polemical scientific premise explored in Michael Ransom’s debut new The Ripper Gene.

In The Ripper Gene, Ransom takes readers into a serial killer investigation led by main bent Dr. Lucas Madden, a neuroscientist-turned-FBI profiler who perplexed his own mother in a unfeeling, unsolved cold case from his pupilage. As a young graduate student, Madden analyzed DNA samples from more of the most notorious serial killers in account, and unearthed a gene linked to monstrous brain function in psychopaths… that he named the RIPPER gene. Later, later than becoming an FBI profiler, Madden makes not only so more headlines by developing a polemical genetic test that can predict a periodical killer’s behavior using DNA alone.
Madden’s latest wrap — taking him deep into the bayous of the Mississippi gulf coast and the parishes surrounding the FBI surface office in New Orleans — hits overmuch close to home, when his ex-fiancé disappears and young women victims clutching razor-laden apples originate turning up in the same shire in which his mother was murdered, in ~y apple orchard on Halloween night crowd years ago. A ruthless new killer, dubbed the Snow White Killer, is terrorizing young women in the superficies, and Madden finds himself in a race against the clock to protect the the community he loves the most and close this reign of terror.

My thoughts:

I really liked this book! I didn’t comprehend what to expect when I started prelection even though I’d read the hasten release and the synopsis.

Lucas Madden is some FBI profiler who made a family for himself as a neuroscientist isolating the likewise called Ripper gene in serial killers. Working gone ~ of the New Orleans field duty, Madden is called to investigate a order of murders in which the breeding victims are left holding an apple with a razor blade inside.

It seems highly coincidental to Madden as his recognize mother was brutally murdered when he was young and the killer was never found. Dubbed The Snow White Killer (SWK), he killer starts to terrorise those closest to Madden. What ensues, is a proud octane chase to find out who the killer is and wherefore he’s targeting Madden.

I loved Lucas. I’ve know fully so many police/crime novels, and finely I come upon a main individual that I like immediately. Something round him makes you want to be in possession of to know him, which you translate once the story gets into its stride. He’s paired up with Agent Woodson as being the investigation, and she compliments his figure perfectly. Together, they make a exalted team.

The premise for this part, coupled with Michael Ransom’s learning and expertise in the area of molecular biology, is extremely interesting. I pitiful, who wouldn’t want to perceive if they possess the serial killer Ripper gene!!! I discern I would!!

About 3/4 of the habitual method through the book, knowing I was nearing the extreme point, I actually slowed down. I didn’t meagreness the story to end! This seldom happens to me with books. There are thus many different plot twists in The Ripper Gene, some of which I guessed, but the other huge twists, I got completely wrong! 🙂

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The scientific subject matter, coupled with the dark and twisted storyline make for an engaging, thrilling read! I am with equal rea~n glad I have read this, and to have existence honest, I would read any main division with Lucas Madden in it in the denoting futurity!

Something I didn’t mention at the rise of this review, is that The Ripper Gene is a debut unusual for Michael Ransom. A FRICKIN DEBUT!!!! To set down in writing this well, and to create like an intricately plotted book as a debut is astounding! I in opposition to one am hoping to see sufficiency more from Ransom in the futurity!

I gave The Ripper Gene 4 ⭐️ steady Goodreads, I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂

Happy interpretation!

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