Boo the Flu and CATCH Too!

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Inflatable obstruction courses, prizes, raffles, face painting…and flu shots? This strength seem like an odd combination of things, nevertheless they were all a part of the novel ‘Boo the Flu and CATCH Too!’ result at Allison Elementary.

This event brings together all the best parts of acting at Allison Elementary: the teachers, the students, the families, and the overall wisdom of community that are a interest of every day life at this teach. And being at this event toward a second year just reaffirmed for what reason much I love this school and the men who are a part of it.

Don’t worry. These ACE tutors probably won’t inveigle. 

A big part of the rational faculty that I returned to serve through ACE for a second year was this common in Southeast Austin. From my before anything else day at Allison a year ~ne, I have felt like part of a family and have felt included. Working with the community at the Boo the Flu marked occurrence just gives me another way to accord. back to the people that made impressive across the country to Austin that a great deal of easier.

The annual Boo the Flu result has three goals. First, it gets populace in the community vaccinated with the flu range. Second, it gets students motivated to be active and do something fun. And in the end, it provides an opportunity for the bulk of mankind in the community to interact through local businesses and services that they might otherwise be unable to access. In every part of the planning and in the not the same activities, you could see that this occurrence was not just thrown together; it was steer together with love and care to contribute sure that everyone involved had the most expedient. see the various meanings of good day possible and could access the in the greatest degree resources in one place.

Giving a pointer at the snack table

And this affair also showcases how much organizations transversely the city care about making a jarring in the lives of everyone in the common. For me personally, this event and operating at Allison have just shown me for what cause much good one community can vouchsafe, and has strengthened my passion on the side of working or living in a community such as this when my employment year is over. For a lot of the people in low-revenue communities like these, some of the services that are by stipulation at Boo the Flu are unavailable in any other context.


Lots of Allison families took favorable opportunity of Boo the Flu

By the close of the event, a total of 456 flu shots had been given at not at all cost to recipients! And because they were beneficial at such an accessible location, it meant that great number more families and many more of my students were adroit to receive shots. This means that there will be less sick days among the students and less sick days from act for their parents.

36 ACE tutors showed up to remedy the Allison community. We love to win things done!

In addition to flu shots, in that place were representatives from the pharmacology program in the UT College of Pharmacy who were administering courage pressure tests and other medical tests. Several local companies were also there recruiting potential employees from the pool of common members. For some parents, this opportunity might be their only chance to dialogue to various employers. Instead of having to case around to different places, they could speak to multiple employers at one time, season their kids were busy having gayety.

Other activities included a prize wheel, whither students and their families could earn pencils, vampire teeth, and bubbles! Ms. Jenkins, the Allison librarian, had students form Halloween and pumpkin bookmarks. There was visage painting with Ms. Gleason, Allison’s acknowledge art teacher. While one of my especially liked parts of the event was the raffle at the end, I cherish a thought of the most fun for all involved were the sum of ~ units inflatable obstacle courses in the gym and wanting on the black top.

Keeping watch in successi~ the kiddos

Personally, the best part of the adventure for me is when my match ACE members from other campuses possess to experience the amazing family of Allison Elementary. All in total, 36 ACE tutors took time used up of their Saturday morning to come help out at the event. I felt a signification of pride, that I could show new members the community that is feasible at their schools, and remind them of the performance that ACE schools love having us tutors be changed to a part of their families.  And I imagine getting a free flu shot is deserved an added bonus.

ACE tutors lovin’ ~ward the Govalle Roadrunner

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All in all, it was a great event and my counterpart ACE volunteers and I helped occasion sure it was a success!

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