East West Conference

The semester continues to actuate quickly and it’s hard to effect we’re essentially half of the means by which anything is reached through it. Another round of midterms started this week and I’m book this as a study break from our pharmacology midterm and retinoscopy practical next week.

A couple weeks gone I got the chance to be about to a more regional conference, called East West, that is simpleton on by the Ohio Optometric Association. Again this year the colloquy was held in Cleveland which is certainly convenient to get to from Columbus likewise a lot of my classmates and students from the class above us all went. Similar to the American Optometric Association conference I went to back in June, East West has a portion of continuing education talks, a vendor exhibit hall, and opportunities to get and mingle with optometrist from encompassing the greater Ohio region.

Overlooking the Overlooking the vendor exhibit hall

Something that I certainly enjoyed about East West was that they esteem developed a couple student-only workshops on account of all of us who attend. This year they had unit on dry eye and a favor on glaucoma. The dry eye workshop I set especially interesting because we were adroit to see actual dry eye patients and observe them. Earlier in the week we had a scold on dry eye so it was all very fresh and combining that determine all the clinical techniques we’ve been lore made the whole experience really awesome. It was calm to have a day where everything started coming together and remind me that completely the hours I spend studying are price it.

Of course though, no optometry conference isn’t complete without a copious social function. This year again, the parley had a party on Friday night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bad Habits, the optometry defence band I’ve talked about near the front of, headlined the event. The rock hall itself was entirely open so we were talented to browse around some of the exhibits because well. It’s a really unruffled event so look into going to East West nearest October. Here’s a few pictures from the adversity at the rock hall.

No Bad Habits or OSU function is complete without a rendition of Hang on Sloopy!No Bad Habits or OSU occupation is complete without a rendition of Hang forward Sloopy!IMG_0597Bad Habits performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

       Going to Cleveland since the conference also gave me a fortuity to go home for a obscurity and see my parents. And actuality the baseball family we are, we couldn’t phase down an opportunity to go comprehend a game, especially with the Minnesota Twins (the clan team) in town and in a race to make the playoffs. We were expert to witness a great game and Twins victory but unfortunately they fell short of structure the playoff. A good year yet.

When there is a baseball game nearby, we're sure to find it.When there is a baseball courageous nearby, we’re sure to discover it.

Alright, back to pharmacology and retinoscopy!

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