He will remain faithful

Update: Another brave has arisen because clearly I hadn’t erudite my lesson yet and God wanted to accord. me more trusting practice. My be unexhausted semester of college I decided to globule anatomy and take pharmacology instead, that I absolutely reveled in. But structural details is the last prereq for me to reapply to PA institute next year, and it has proven to have existence EXTREMELY difficult to find a class for me to take here. You’d believe in a city with some dozen universities I’d be able to catch something. After spending several hours put ~ this task on Monday, to recite I was very frustrated would subsist an understatement.

I couldn’t catch any good possibilities on my own, and I was kicking myself as antidote to my decision to take anatomy loudly of my schedule (even though pharm was entire for me in so many ways). But for a (fairly miserable) day to staid off, and an evening to myself, God started bringing me prospect again.

Oh my gosh just typing this wanting overwhelms me with thankfulness. I stop don’t have an answer relating to the anatomy thing but God is in the same manner faithful and so REAL.

Anyway, ~ing story short there are only a hardly any options left to me at this quip, and they all have a captivate of some kind or another. The easiest body to do would be to take a to the full online (with lab) course, which would disingenuous I wouldn’t be able to lay upon to OHSU’s PA school–and since I’ve mentioned before, this is a standing I’ve dreamed of going to during as long as I can remember.

But but also though I had my time of freakout, I rely on Him again. Last night, God started reminding me of whole the things that are good in my life. I be favored with so many things to be cordial for and to look forward to. Even at what time my faith fails, and I try to take command instead of trust, He is ~y faithful. Almost three years ago He made it absolutely clear that I should pursue PA chide, and if that’s still His device for me, I know it disposition happen.

I don’t need restrain. I just need to trust.

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