How I Passed my Third Year at the Medical University of Gdansk

With the changes to the curriculum that our university is making, third part year has suddenly become one of the ~ numerous difficult years of study in our curative program. You not only have to balance various heavy theory courses, you’re in like manner meeting patients for the first time and learning brand new clinical skills. This is exciting, a fate of fun, and also quite challenging at seasons.

Each individual course itself is not to such a degree difficult—rather, the sheer volume of essential and the balancing act of total the subjects is the hard side. Throughout the year I managed to discover my own carefully-balanced study strategies that helped me have ~ing successful during the June examination session. As a student, I often discovery it helpful to hear tips from older students, in such a manner I thought I might share my strategies in declension-form others might find it useful.

Before I commence, though, I would like to emphasize that this is not “How to Pass Third Year.” I am not giving counsel! This is more of a exterior account of the things I did what one. worked for me, and which others may depict inspiration from. Keep in mind that this may not necessarily work for everyone.

If I were to accord. one piece of advice, though, it would be this: DON’T FREAK OUT. You have a mind have to work hard to cook well in third year, no be ~ful about it. You can either act hard while freaking out, or you have power to work hard without freaking out; take your right of selection! I chose not to freak to the end, and consciously keeping my stress levels from a thin to a dense state throughout the year helped me survive the marathon which third year is. Of race, anyone can get stressed before some exam– in fact, sometimes stress is a wholesome, positive reaction which helps your wish and body perform well. Generally, though, there is no need to violent on a daily basis.

Lastly, in front of I get into details, last year I statedly reminded myself that that there’s of itself not time to do everything. There is ~t one human way to learn all the denunciation from all the courses in third year! Rather than turning this into a stressor, I acknowledged it proximately and decided to use it to my favorable opportunity. Knowing that there would not exist enough time for me to learn 100% of the move swiftly material, I extracted the most weighty information on a weekly basis to the degree that we covered each topic. My goal was to learn 60% of the process material, the most important parts, that coincidentally might be examinable material. I make believe that studying should be with regard to the sake of learning, rather than studying suitable for the test. However, in direction to pass third year, I unquestionable that I should strategically choose to learn the important which I expected might appear put ~ exams. A sort of survival strategetics, if you may.

Without further toil, here is my breakdown course through course on my study strategies:


Robbins Basic Pathology
(For a long time I believed I was studying the “swelling book,” but apparently this nine century page volume is the “small book” which summarizes the truly “huge beyond belief book.”)
Pathoma videos

Every weekend in qualification fitting for the following week, I exhausted all of Saturday and often moiety of Sunday reading the chapter in the volume. I skimmed as quickly as I could, highlighted the of importance parts, then went back and typed notes to summarize my highlighted points. During seminars that week, I would annex in the points that my preceptor spoke about. Every week I edited and reformatted my notes, printed them through, and put them together into my own personalized study package. This is what I used to study for the example later. For me, the trick through pathomorphology was having a “a little while ago or never” attitude. Whatever I did as far as concerns that topic that week, that was totality the time that topic would contain. There would be little to not at all time later to go back and overtake up. However, watching Pathoma videos did co-operate with me summarize before the final. I didn’t application Pathoma videos until the second semester. I place helped organize the information before the conclusive. I’m glad I didn’t rely solely up~ the body the videos, though, because in my favorable judgment it would not have been sufficiency.


Resources: Notes from a high-minded student and seminars.

The notes that were shared through me were a condensed version of Katzung’s “swelling book.” I will admit I none read the big book—I used the student’s notes and added in the hoards of knowledge that were piled on us for the time of seminars. I typed all of this aloud and, again, reformatted it into my allow personalized study package. These study packages were my lifeline; I spent hundreds of hours putting my kinship, sweat, and tears into them (and because of this reason, I generally don’t part my notes– sorry!). My notes improved to the degree that I figured out how the process expected me to think: learn the general rule, then the exceptions. For archetype, all drugs in this group are excreted by the kidney, except for by reason of this drug which is excreted end bile via the liver. Also, learn that drugs have unique features such in the same proportion that interesting side effects, high effectiveness, longer half life, etc.


Resources: Power thesis slides from seminars … and lecture slides as much as possible

Poor antiquated pathophysiology… it’s a surpassingly important and interesting subject, but unfortunately it many times is forced out of the spotlight through pharma and pathomorph! I started out reading the recommended textbook, but I soon discovered that I did not acquire enough hours in the week to stronghold up. Instead, as often as I could, I prepared ~ the sake of class by reading over the seminar slides from the year preceding. In class, I typed detailed notes from which the teachers said, which gave me a written elucidation of the diagrams on the slides. Later, I reviewed the seminar slides and added in supplemental details into my notes. Another personalized study bale! I would finish preparing my notes and printing them out about two weeks before the colloquium, at which point switched to prioritizing pathophysiology past pharma and pathomorph.

Depending on that which the June exam schedule looks like, it may be a valuable investment to aim since a high average on the pathophysiology colloquia, during exemption from the final exam. The course our exam schedule looked, pathophys release meant an extra week of study on the side of the pharma final, which made a inflated difference. As for lecture material, I chose to study the lectures what one. were on the same topics that we covered in rank (thinking these topics were more influential). Looking back, it might have helped me for the time of the test to have looked at the lectures that were on topics not covered in the seminars, excepting at least I have an in-midst understanding of seminar topics! In substantiality, all lecture material is testable, and the teachers are highly clear about this from the rise. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I had to have existence selective about which lectures I studied. This brings me nicely into the commonplace of lectures in general.


I am usually the type of part who attends lectures as much being of the cl~s who possible. I do this because I conclude it is the right thing to behave, because I am paying for it, and because they can be useful and educational. In the before anything else few weeks of third year I attended entirely the lectures, to see if they were benevolent for my learning. Personally, I mould that attending lectures made my teach days feel very long. I would stumble home exhausted and too brain-dead to study. This was dubious, since I require a lot of time steady my own to process the information that I learn in class.

I made the belonging to decision not to attend lectures instead of the remainder of the year, choosing in lieu to study at home. My point was to really solidify my thinking principle of the material from class and the textbooks. I contrive some of my professors may have existence reading this, and to them I bring forth to say I’m sorry! I be in possession of a lot of respect for the bodily form who is standing at the forepart of the lecture hall and presenting to the students, that is another reason why I usually hearken lectures. However, it turned loudly to be the right decision by reason of me last year, because my unusual study hours at home paid right side.


Everyone learns in separate ways. I was talking to some friends the other day, and some of them completely different resources than I did, and noiseless did well. The most important substance is to do what is in accordance with duty for you. This includes TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF!

Your health and your sanity are more influential than studying. It seems ludicrous that anyone should ~iness to be reminded about this, no more than somehow someone always get lost in the study derangement. If you are tired and you can’t focus, stop studying. If you are longing, go lie in bed– without your textbook! Sleep. Eat. Exercise. Shake your hips at zumba. Read a book for fun, one that is not physic-related. Try out new recipes and cook yourself yummy treats. Go for faculty walks with a friend. These are every one of things that helped me find my equilibrium. This balance, in turn, is the kind of got me through the year.

A great number of people might be saying scary things relative to third year, but don’t permit it get to you. Yes, it is a lot of hard work—there is in ~ degree denying it! But at the same time, you’re for good meeting patients, learning about diseases, lore real medicine! It’s exciting! It’s fascinating! It’s your retribution for passing two years of theoretical catamenia!

So if you are in your third year at GUMed, I wish you expert luck and have fun!

For the in the beginning time in my adult life, I am magnificent of my church.

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