How to become a neurologist from A-Level?

Hello, I posted this question last week and got a trivial feedback, but I’ve researched by what means to come a neurologist and each single answer is different! It’s confusing, otherwise than that I have been advised to careful search universities during my first year of literary institution. So do I take Medicine, Pharmacology or Biomedical Sciences? What’s the dissimilitude? Do they open the doors according to different career paths?
I am apprehension A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Religion, Ethics & Philosophy; each going to drop Psychology or REP. Got modest GCSEs – two A*, six A, brace C.
If anybody could outline the steps and menstrual discharge I need to take or be possible to take from A-Level, that would have ~ing fabulous!


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Updated: October 10, 2015

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