Importance or Russell Group??

Hello, I am applying now for next year either to achieve natural sciences or just biology. I even now have my grades (3A*s) thus not having to worry about note requirements.

Trying to choose unis is driving me insane

For unregenerate sciences my favourite course structure is at Bath…the biology with pharmacology path looks really interesting and I like the pliancy of the additional modules.
I definitely pick out the biology side as I owe a grudge to physics…I do like maths and chemistry yet just not as much,

However the ranking/station of the university is putting me along…its not a Russell group uni and to me it doesn’t pretend to be one that screams ‘im strange!!!!’ How important is this in stipulations of how well respected my class will be, job prospects etc? Am I due being a snob?!

Need some advice as to where to be looking to put. I didn’t bother with Oxbridge because It just didn’t appeal to me. I’ve looked at Imperial bound prefer campus unis…plus London…ew
Also looked at Durham mete didn’t like there natural sciences turn as much so will probably put for biological sciences…however the distance puts me off. (im near London)
I don’t want to be wasting my grades and have need of to be at a ‘good’ seminary of learning …someone please tell me what to hoax with my life

ugh im spiralling send help…
Ta :*

But I pledge you that the old-timers in a circle here would do anything for the others.

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