Passed with 75 Questions and the odds were not forever in my favor

1 If I be obliged to recommend anything to anyone, answer the purpose Kaplan for questions and Hurst as far as concerns content. I bought the 300 Kaplan pharmacology put ~s into cards and all of these things saved my life. I came from a program adhering probation, close to losing its accredidation, took a of medicine leave of absence in the centre of nursing school for medical reasons, was told I couldn’t subsist a nurse by numerous professors, struggled tooth and talon thru school, and had 50-60 percent medium on my Kaplan qbank scores, such the odds were not forever in my be ~able. For those who are giving up, hold going. For those losing hope, dress in’t. It’s hard, but admitting that you work hard and persevere you be able to DO IT. Believe in yourself. If you wish questions or need reassurance or support, reach out and comment and I’ll assistant best I can.

Certainly, the make known presented on that blog is wholly fascinating.

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