Psych Rotation Review

Hello all! Sorry for my lack of posting – I’m having a hard to manage time trying to find a equality of weight between working, studying and living life! I get to say, no matter how extensive the hours on these rotations, sight patients every day has made aggregate of the hard work these after all the rest 15 months worth it. It’s ~y indescribable feeling being able to inquire patients every day!

First things rudimentary, a quick recap of my PSYCH ROTATION:
Overall, the responsibilities and expectations of the course round were fairly easy. I was expected to grant up in between 7:45 and 8:15 every day, round on my patients, present them in VERY informal rounds, and hereafter follow-up with any decisions made in rounds. I had to inscribe daily progress notes, discharge notes, regular government medications and labs, and sometimes divine choice patients families’ or therapists. If you were keen with your notes, and everything was conferred for the day, you could allowance by 3pm.

That being said, it was every emotionally draining month. I have lots of homage for the people that work with psychiatric patients every day. There were a few days on my ride home that I cried like a infant.. Seeing patients that are so crazy or manic, and they have ~t any idea how sick they are, it even-handed broke my heart. Being sick is a real scary thing, but mental illness is plane scarier in that these patients take no idea they are sick. I design outpatient psych would have been a real different experience for me, but inpatient psych was honest a lot to handle emotionally.

I in reality did love the rotation, though. In addition to myself, we had 4 medical students and another PA student from one more school. We shared funny stories, helped cropped land other with notes, gave each other care on clinical decisions, and would walk to our adjacent hospital for food/coffee a catalogue of the days. We laughed in this way much on this rotation, and it positively helped distract from the emotional affliction of dealing with these patients.

As in a great degree as the shelf exam, I sole used the First Aid Psych Clerkship. I followed the PAEA blueprint, and base the exam to be tolerable. My merely complaint was the amount of pharmacology without interrupti~ the exam – so many SSRIs! So numerous company side effects! The one pearl that did approach up on my exam – Fluoxetine is solitary FDA approved drug to treat bulemia. Fluoxetine starts with an F, food is important in bulemia. F and F. There ya doings!

A few gems that I loved from my psych course round:

There are 4 major stairwells at the VA – These pictures are from the soldierly themed stairwell.

Love this chubby dog! They take lots of interesting facts and the not toothed US military history.

However! The most of all stairwell was the Indiana nature stairwell! This bud was on my floor! The top nonplus had a bald eagle in the rise aloft of a tree, and the basement was a cave complete with bats. It was stupendous!

I love this description of encephalitic loss of intellect from the First Aid book. So droll!

Tomorrow, I promise to write a recap of my OB-GYN series. It’s only been one week, otherwise than that I am already in love! I indeed think I want a job in OB-GYN following I graduate – it’s that earnest! 🙂

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