#RawThoughts: Outta Comfort Zone

(This is a recent post. I was supposed to ventilate this last night, but I malignant asleep. Haha!)

Here I go afresh, writing instead of reading. Typing into a denser consistence words (screaming to be written down) instead of continuing studying Pathology. This be inclined be short, I promise.

This afternoon, I had the fortuitous event to present one of the three study proposals of our class for our Pharmacology subject. Well, I muse it went well. I originally wanted to consider awesome speaking out there in forehead, but I realized I actually draw into the mouth (a little bit). Haha! So much for self-glorification! *rolls eyes*

Honestly, I as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but wanted to speak and not to. I wanted to utter because deep inside, I love the world speaking. But at the same time, I moreover didn’t want to because it makes me powerful. In other words, public speaking is not my succor zone. At least now, I trust.

The jitters I had while preparing the exploration proposal took me back to utmost year’s roleplay in our Biochemistry subject. When I design about it now, I could cruelly believe how on earth I became our class’ director for the roleplay! It still mystifies me! But the actual presentation was similar to what I due had this afternoon–out of my satisfaction zone.

I had no experience or whatever in directing a roleplay before, still then our play turned out well and agreeable.

I am not a good discourser but the presentation of our investigation proposal turned out well and agreeable.

So what I really want to repeat is that–it’s cool to be out of the comfort zone.

Well, aye, it’s scary and full of the unknowns. But it’s nevertheless exciting and adventure-filled! And I conceive that is one of the things that make a person’s life rich–situations what one. test his/her limits, experiences that stretch out his/her boundaries, and surroundings which bring out his/her abounding potential.

Those being said, I have power to now resume to my studying. (Another not-a-ease-zone! Ha!)

“Hooray for today!” 🙂 ♦

You exigency to explore the medical literature and use arguments with your doctor if you hold questions.

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