Sluggish Saturday

Do you at any time have those days you feel you’d been steamrolled ~ dint of. a Megabus? And all you omit to do is lie on the bend down and watch Netflix?

Welcome to my Saturday.

That’s not to recite I’ve been unproductive – this farther than week has been a wonderful blemish. I’ve made edits to the one and the other my Hellbender and avian botulism posters (what one. I will post when I get the final okay from my professor), once for all finished my ZBrush ‘exercise’, made progress in my scheme research, nailed down a story in the place of molecular pharmacology to tell, and landed a tolerably sweet opportunity for my clinical sciences rank. But Friday and today has been wearisome – very slow. Volunteered for a fragment at the Museum of Science and Industry, that was beyond wonderful.

I will situation the two posters when they’re proficient, but for now here are composited stills of my ZBrush produce.

Again, sorry for the slow update; it’s due been that kind of day.

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