The 24th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival is HERE (October 22 – November 1, 2015)

Philadelphia Film Festival Day 1 – Opening Film/Party Oct 22 (Prince Theater PFS)

Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson Philadelphia Film Festival Red Carpet Opening Night

The Opening night film ANOMALISA is a stop suggestion animation journey into the mind of amanuensis Charlie Kaufman who also is behind such imaginative movies as Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich (aggregate playing during the festival “From the Vaults” sound with a ~ each title for screening dates & state of things ). Anomalisa is directed by Duke Johnson, the co-collaborators were the two in attendance on the red carpet and spread abroad screening Q&A.  

The movie is a piece difficult to describe, the characters “dolls” since lack of a better word aggregate have constructed faces almost like masks by slits at the temples which makes every one person look as if they are wearing organ of sight glasses.  I was speaking to someone in the pattern of the film and we were speculating in c~tinuance the symbolic meaning, like do we wholly wear masks and therefore…  But during the Q&A it was explained the sunder faces made it easier to give the characters expressions. But I consider there is more to it than that, on the contrary Kaufman would rather you do, execute your own speculation.

The movie is from one place to another a man in his early 50’s, Michael Stone (David Thewlis) who has been lucky in a career of teaching companies pretty large customer service techniques – his book is called ““How May I Help You to Help Them?” He’s been invited to accost at another conference, this time in Cincinnati, and we’re taken from one side his day from airplane ride to house of entertainment.  He’s not really curmudgeonly, ~-end he is suffering with the banality and languor of his life. What you may not pick up on at first is the performance that everyone he encounters looks the sort and has the same voice (Tom Noonan), conscientious different hairstyles and clothing. Upon acquirement to his hotel room he calls home and even his wife and child have the like voice. But upon emerging from a very funny shower scene, Michael hears a notes that sounds different. It’s a of ~s voice, and he rushes to declare by verdict the speaker and meets Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh). 

So I knew I’d subsist interviewing both Charlie and Duke on the red carpet, and knowing the types of movies Charlie writes, I wanted to be the subject of a more unique, thought provoking examination.  But as you’ll feel in the below video of us attached the red carpet, I wasn’t apt to pull off my deep, of the understanding query and should have instead gone by a signature foodie type question in the room.  The movie makes mention a not many times of how awesome the chili is in Cincinnati, for what cause didn’t I ask about that!?!!

T&T interrogation – I read a review that declared “Anomalisa” is a frequently hilarious scrutiny into solipsistic challenges. I had to aspect up the word “solipsistic”, which is the assumption that only the self exists, and everything other must be proven to exit. How does that description  resonate with each of you?

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And here’s Charlie Kaufman’s reply :
The Opening night Party was held at 1925 Lounge (111 S. 17th Street) Great stain. Plenty of cozy chairs to sit in conversation, but I think this may be the 10th renaming and redecorating of this same venue in the last 10 years.  

The Crew from Allied-THA Jessie, Andrew, Lisa, Rachel, Gina

The pulled pig-meat sandwiches with coleslaw, horseradish sauce and ardent peppers were super good. But Dock Street Brewery (Thank you ~ the sake of being a PFF sponsor) served this Berliner Weisse (German clean beer) mixed with their own Dock Street Spirit called Vicio Mezcal also mixed with a ginger-lemongrass syrup. The amalgamation was like drinking shoe polish!  I’d like to try everything 3 ingredients separately to try and define why as a mixture the faultless thing was horrid (to my roof of the mouth).

David aspiring writer, Dustin T&T subscriber! I asked the her credit twice but didn’t write it the floor and my old Film Fest Friend Ted

Pic w/ me and festive celebration attendee Richard Stein, PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology! We hung on every side a bit last night, in deed we look rather cute together, yet of course he has a girlfriend back in NYC. 

Stay tuned toward more T&T Philadelphia Film Festival Coverage!

It  took me for a like rea~n long to finish my Recap of the 23rd Philadelphia Film Festival, that it doesn’t completely feel like a year since we got to actual feeling: Opening Night, Closing Night, Centerpiece Screenings, From The Vault, Spotlights, Filmadelphia, Shorts, Sight & Soundtrack, Gravyard Shift, World Cinema, Masters of Cinema and Tinsel & Tine’s pet – Feast films!

Every year I prepare major daily coverage of the festival by way of social media (Twitter/Instagram platforms of selection for immediacy) This year, I plot to Periscope the Q&A’s, in the same manner check for that.  But I moreover wanna try to write the Recap for the re~on that I’m going along, so taken in the character of not to have such a weighty amount of material and images to wade through at the end of the festival… But enough concerning my inner workings.  Here’s which’s in store for


Over 130 films from 28 countries to protection during 11-day event, which runs from Thursday, October 22 – Sunday, November 1, 2015 Philadelphia, PA

“I’m thrilled with this year’s fantastic line-up of films, bringing in the way that many incredible features and shorts from on all sides the world to Philadelphia for our 24th number printed at once,” said Executive Director J. Andrew Greenblatt. “From our Opening Night screening of the Venice Grand Prize winner Anomalisa to the Closing Night screening of master documentarian Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next – this year’s slate is not and nothing else incredibly strong and diverse, but abundantly represents what a film festival constantly is: the gathering of a community of film lovers experiencing some of the principally exciting, challenging, innovative, prestigious and supposition-provoking films of the year, with many of the artists behind these films in persons attending.” “It’s bursting at the seams!” related Michael Lerman, Artistic Director. “With our biggest program in divers years, we’re very lucky to be showcasing a collection of work that is overstuffed by gems, featuring over twenty works from creation renowned directors (including our bold and fanciful opening and closing night selections) in a line with plenty of great surprises from in the beginning timers.” The Philadelphia Film Society is honored that Michael Moore, the Academy-Award captivating filmmaker and best-selling author aft Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling as far as concerns Columbine, will be joining the #PFF24 Closing Night Celebration at the Prince Theater.


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