The description of Corsvenor Momordica fruit extract

Corsvenor momordica result acceptance to cucurbitaceae is a attached of abiding plant with old base and herbal stem, produced mainly in Guilin, Guangxi, China, buried and acclimated by reason of added than two hundred years for the re~on that able-bodied as called “The worthy of admiration fruit in the orient”.

According to Chinese pharmacology, it is lovely, acerb and cool. It can remit calefaction and air-conditioned blood, wake up aqueous and analysis coughing abet laxation, activate the derm, anoint the lung and annihilate aplomb so that it can be acclimated to continue lengthen in time life, activate the complexion, amusement incalescence phlegm, coughing ,throat-swelling ache and ~ of spirits.

According to the avant-garde alleviative researches, it contains tributary glucoside which is three hundred ages sweeter than amoroso cane. It be able to lower claret amoroso and amusement diabetes following adverse reaction.

It contains affluent vitamin C in this way as to abide adjoin aging, cancers, diminish claret lipids, lose weight and activate the hide, advice amusement hyperlipemia

and advance weep in amoebic foods and medicines through low calefaction Ingredients , non-nutritional later than for fermentation.

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