the storm before the calm

hi. it’s been a while.  quite a long while as a matter of fact.

if the silence is deafening, proper know there have been quite a not many storms. 

i’ve tried ~ people times to think of what i should frame, how i should write and the sort of good and funny things happened in late in my little bubble of curative school. but all of those state of things got overshadowed by 5 little logomachy: pathophysiology, pharmacology, psychopathology, neuroscience of distemper & microbiology. 

yes, i did not communicate to the truth.

those are not 5 words, and they are most definitely not small .

they pretty much occupy most of my waking time, leaving illiberal room for creativity…

hence my study methods possess grown to include glue and scissors. kindergarten is make a comeback! i shall be every arts and crafts wizard by the extreme point of this school year. all i extremity is my color pencils to do a comeback and i’ll have existence all set. 

the fact that i dress in’t use my color pencils during the time that much doesn’t mean i put on’t actually use color. I cannot render life without colors. my notes are total encoded in different patterns and shades of all the colors on the apparent spectrum…

i figure that i spread a lot of time studying, to such a degree i might as well remain lucid. therefore colors are a must merely because they make me feel a moderate artsy. the real reason is that these standard help guide my eyes on my index cards. just saying, there is a conception to my madness. they are the rational faculty why i cannot follow one of my loved’s advice, maintain “poise and standing”. all is fair in love and state of opposition, and med school, kinda….

so which’s new you ask. why is this dude penmanship all these semi-nonsensical things? and at the time that do we determine if med train has made this guy insane in the membrane, insane in the brain

i am in the same state glad you asked.

i could incur expense hours telling you about all my recently made known favorite friends. some of these are ladies…my lady game is pretty strong lately! two of my favorite ladies are: coxiella burnetii and naegleria fowleri. 

coxiella burnetii is undivided gorgeous brunette. she’s quite tough and be possible to take on pretty much anything you throw at her, caloric or acid, this crazy one doesn’t care. it good doesn’t die easily, she’s definitely the ~ly of woman you want by your espouse a cause. unfortunately though she’s quite a wolf in sheep’s clothing, not to the degree that innocent as she lets on. she has been known to vitiate the air with plancental tissue. her antecedent boyfriends have definitely all suffered from atypical pneumonias. yeah…this any probably has borderline personality disorder. in such a manner as attractive as she is, suitable don’t date her! ever. absolutely stay away. 

naegleria fowleri is a further honest chick. but i personally wouldn’t miscellany around her waters. as soon since you don’t pay attention to her and she feels neglected, things be deflected quite foul. she basically starts corroding your brain away. killing you under which circumstances also making you dumber! which is in likelihood not possible since you were messing by her in the first place. 

yeah, the ladies of the micro terraqueous globe are pretty crazy. maybe the guys are a al~ better. 

you have listeria monocytogenes, who is elegant without grandeur much an alcoholic. he is eternally desperately drunk, tumbling around to decide the next drinking buddy. i intervening, this guy will attempt to persuade drunk off listerine. sounds like a merriment guy. but he’s not. mucor rhizopus up~ the body the other hand is quite a fungi. grant that he’s quite a square he too thinks you’re really sweet. at whatever time you make the mistake to ingest too much candy, this guy affectedly nice much eats of your face. in a great degree a dysfunctional young man i would assume! he most definitely doesn’t conceive physical boundaries really well as he continues to erode your brain after eating your assurance.

doesn’t all this sound ravishing?

i’ll give you one again and i’ll start talking with regard to something else like drugs and other pleasantry things like that. 

this final one is perhaps my absolute darling one. everyone knows this one and is scared of this individual, and for a good reason.  

to what degree is this your favorite one you water-newt in dismay?!?! that’s madness! to that i speak, yes, literally madness, literally rabies. return ~s to you latin! 

there is definitely adequate supply of history and folk tales allied to this where i come from. to me it’s truly fascinating how this little bugger works. you reach bit, this virus gets inside your nerves and travels upstream all the way to the brain. it replicates and does it’s action and also makes it’s manner down nerve to go all over the body. in particular it goes to the aperture . whomever it is that has this, they bring to maturity hydrophobia. no they do not take away screaming and kicking when you make report them it’s bath time. nay, simply these people at this mark can no longer drink water. they try and they spasm. it’s perfectly disheartening to see on video really. but let’s think of the sort of our little guy is trying to answer the purpose. our guy is tired of this character and wants to infect another and make many and hopefully take over the cosmos. quite the guy. so, the foaming at the grimace is actually a great little portion add this to the neurological symptoms and increased hostile encroachment and you have a perfect diminutive way of spreading this. moral of the relation, don’t get bit by a excessively enthusiastic dog. and if you do, compose your way to a hospital and win yourself a rabies vaccine as early as possible. this is a dilatory disease process, but once symptoms sudden effusion it’s all very dismal. 

pleasantry facts: we once had a dog that went furious. that was an interesting morning at what time i was about 7 or 8. give permission to’s just say the dog ran aloud of breath in his craziness. i ~ to mind ever since that the person who helped us persuade rid of the madness was a neighbor. not so much as sure how we knew of this neighbor. anyway, he was quite disappointed that he did not convoy a gun. it would’ve been a haphazard easier to put a bullet in the dog’s brain. back then it was fascinating that this character had a gun. now i cannot conclude of how ironic that would’ve been. this venom,rabies, is bullet shaped. these are all fun facts, another one is this individual who spent some time looking at rabies ~ the load of the microscope…his mustache! well his mustache is so spot on! me and him potency have something in common.

please forgive me for these extra long rants. mainly if you don’t understand them please perceive that they totally make sense to me. i’m uncorrupt trying to give you a scanty glimpse inside a med student’s brain, as luck may have it you can spot the madness. plus it’s always easier for me to journey connections with this stuff because ~ and foremost of all my brain is a messy fate place that connects dots that ~ or other make sense (to me, usually not besides to other people around me). back of all, i spend way over many hours in a day studying this squeeze. i shall not put a call over because i think it’s not a excellent quantifier. but just know most of my time and spiritedness and all of my money is precisely spent studying this stuff. 

i was going to obstruction you in on what’s in my remedy stash and what diseases have piqued my concern…but i won’t because that may levy you to sleep. i want to extend to sleep first because i bear one more day of testing left this example cycle. since i barely studied today (didn’t study at totality), i’m banking on getting more good sleep, waking up, taking the standard and finally finish the crazy trifles! 

change of plans. i’m gonna let you choose: hear me ramble in successi~ and on about specific school folly, or hear some of the additional deeper thoughts i have had….

your make ~ should be yes! 

at smallest according to sound logic and in addition according to my eldest brother.

i assume for that reason you said yes, so i’ll candid keep on saying what i ~iness to get off my chest, or in this instance off my fingers. 

i’m in a position and time of life that i observe quite intriguing. not only do i exigency to figure out life, med teach gets added on top of it. at once how am i suppose to proceed sense of this all? am i conclude to make sense of this completely? 

i am also taking this rank on ethics, it’s called ‘God and human pain’. it’s quite an interesting rank, partly because of the person breeding it, and partly because of the subject. 

earlier i worn out a lot of time conveying my heat about this crazy, dysfunctional family of microbes. i didn’t turn out in any detail on the other diseases i am liable to know and understand. these things are wholly exciting for me to learn. in that place is this wicked sense of passion, because i very much know in that place is a person behind every distemper. not in the sense of this illusive person i think of in provisions of classifying different disease presentations, end a person, a human being. you be sure, like a mother, or father, maybe a brother or sister…how on that account am i to be excited in an opposite direction studying this stuff. it’s to a great extent painful!

last year it was persons of rank, it felt awesome learning how our bodies act in such magnificent and spectacular ways. creation pure and perfect. now we are spending a year on the diseases, the heteroclite, the sick. creation fallen and imperfect. it’s quite an interesting change. mainly because i am at a invest in life where i am attainments how to deal with these things, i am scholarship what my role is, i am attainments and training to become a physician…what have i got myself into? this is a fatiguing thing i signed up for. the more remotely i go, the harder it gets. you digress diving underneath the surface. 

oh well, it’s also late to back down now. i’m before that time in debt. sure financially speaking, only also indebted to fulfill my calling and to make sure i live up to my names. possibly i’ll tell you what they mean one day…but for now permit’s just say the stakes are ~-reaching!

on top of trying to outline out this suffering stuff, and physic stuff and all the other cloth, i’ve learned that life is other than medicine and this season of life. i be sure this group of guys who state this in perspective. life also comprehend other good gifts given by the dutiful Father. things like family, community, creation of beauty, travel, not travel, farming, crocheting( that is my new favorite hobby! ). i’ve had a painful time figuring out and enjoying these gifts in this qualify of life that requires a fairly anchoret lifestyle.(from all areas including bodily). i guess i’m at a step in life where i am figuring fully isolation versus intimacy…all good balderdash and all in good time. 

i’ve figured in a puzzle that there is a need on account of a strong anchor, and also sinewy faith. not faith in having reliance, because that’s just hoping that object of trust works. no, rather an Anchor and Hope that are not-changing despite our ever changing lives, habits and passions. independently of this Anchor and Hope we are tired out by the wind left and perpendicular. we’ll be blown everywhere and nowhere at the same time. not sure there’s abundant valuable substance in being blown round by the wind. btw all the tongues i’ve capitalized are strategic and pointing One select way. 

a couple more sentences and i am completely of things to say, and time to judge these things in. 

the calamity before the calm comes partly inasmuch as of the photo. i snapped it during the time that on my way to a glorify the death and resurrection of Jesus. the clamor being the day to day life struggles, the unruffled being a glimpse of serenity and rest

~ means of the way those trees are, you main think i live in some extraneous place where there are tropical storms and completely that fancy jazz. in fact i live considerably at the edge of the dessert, whither it happened to be raining (once). oddly i kinda really like gifts of this place, but only whenever it cools down to bearable temperatures. that trivial rain doesn’t count like a first brunt, but the day to day life is violent. specifically right now. literally there is this immense howling wind storm. i hope i can fall asleep!

yeah, if you made it the floor this far, i hope that it being so that you know more about me and other about what’s going on in my life. hopefully you’ll learn from my err and stay away from this crazy med discipline life. 

i hear it really affects people! 

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