visiting cousin Yves, discovering Montreal. — Montreal, Canada

Flag of Canada  Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cousin Yves is my after the proper time mother’s cousin, he lived at all times in Montreal. A die hard expat! He is sequestered now, and is digging up lots of family histories. So I knew I would listen to all these lovely stories, names of aunts and uncles of him (and of my native) that I had heard of in the same manner with a little child. A jump in the farther than.
But of course we also talked not far from other things, he telling me his life in the manner that an expat. 

I met his intimate Hélène, a very interesting still acting pharmacist, very much in computers and IT. She showed me to what degree they used Dropbox to share books of pharmacology in the hospital, super!

Yves took me to examine Mont Saint Bruno, Mont Royal, and the elderly city center of Montreal. The St Laurent copious flow, so large! One evening we watched the nightfall over the river, a little disclosed of the city, it was bewildering!

He and Hélène were so ~ly! The offered me to give me a go driving all the way to my intimate Colleen, who lives close to Ottawa! On the interval we would visit Parc Omega, a race of safari park for Canadian animals. One keeps in the car and drives following a tour, and meets elks, deer, wild boars, wolves and black color bears (these were in a fenced run a~). I saw my first raccoon!So laughable with his masked face. I moreover saw my first bisons, a filled herd around the car. I heard according to the first time a male american elk, it is mating season, and he allow us know it! I also aphorism a moose, much heavier with these vast woods and strong shoulders. 

The wapitis were everything around the car, we had bought carrots to supply with material them, and they knew. That mode of dealing I could observe them very closely, excepting it made me a little cheerless also, I think domestication takes absent wild animals’ dignity, don’t you ween!

On the road to Colleen we passed the Ottawa river on a ferry (traverseur en Québecois), I loved it!

It was a admirable stay and again, full of conference people and for once, strange animals 😉

Shortness of faint movement, my hands are tingling and viscid, racing heart.

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