100 Days of LJ — Day 136

November 2nd, 2015

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08:47 pm – 100 Days of LJ — Day 136
I’m misery from a bit of indigestion suitable now.  I’m hoping it’s righteous an issue with what I ate for lunch, as the next most to be expected alternative is that I’m advent down with the flu.  I did commit to memory a flu shot earlier this qualify, but they make the vaccine based in successi~ last year’s flu virus.  As such, if an entirely new/different bearing of the flu is floating on all sides this year then the vaccine based forward last year’s bug really won’t propound any protection.  Admittedly, I don’t feel feverish at all (and that’s a hopeful sign), nevertheless on the other hand I was sternutation quite a bit for the extreme few days.  I originally purpose that my allergies were acting up while I had no fever, but at present I’m not so sure the sort of to think.  Mind you, I’m not in of the like kind poor health that a bout of the flu is convenient to lay me up in the hospital… limit the last time I had the flu I was utterly and completely calamitous for 3 days straight — high heat, body aches so bad that I couldn’t sleep at all… and trust me, you cheat *NOT* want me to describe the master symptoms I suffered.  Mind you, that completely happened about 15 years ago, further it was such a horrible experience that I dread the thought of to come down with the flu again.

Well, I’m going to try to venture positive to try and counteract my natural symptoms: I had a very fruitful day at work, and I got a conjoin of text messages from my eldest nephew this afternoon thanking me profusely because of my generous wedding gift… and he took the time to observe this while he and his new bride are off honeymooning in Hawaii!  (There’s a very good reason why I’m known to the degree that “Uncle Moneybags” in my family!)  And my eldest nephew is going into pharmacology, likewise if I really needed to I could at least consult him regarding the best medications to blunt. the symptoms of influenza… but hopefully I won’t distress to do that any time betimes…

Anyway, let me try to debilitate.  We’ll see how I have the consciousness of being in the morning…


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