2015 LRI Innovative Science Award Winner Announced

French researcher Dr. Alice Limonciel was awarded the €100,000 LRI Innovative Science adjudication, one of Europe’s largest study grants for early career scientists, at one award ceremony at Cefic’s 17th Annual Long-Range Initiative (LRI) Workshop in Brussels adhering November 18, 2015.

Dr.  Limonciel’s prepossessing research proposal is entitled “Establishment of thresholds of activation of strain
responses pathways and ligand-activated receptors with a view to chemical classification” and will investigate alveolate responses to the acceleration of deep-seated kidney disease progression due to chemical exposing.. The project aims to identify the genes involved in alveolate stress response pathways, quantify these responses in like with markers of cellular dysfunction and release a new generation of quantitative tools based on gene expression to evaluate the adventure linked to chemical exposure for practice in risk assessment strategies.

Dr. Pierre Barthélemy, Cefic Executive Director of Research and Innovation commented: “It’s eternally a pleasure to see the warmth of early career scientists and their proclivity to make our world safer. The LRI Innovative Science is a weighty opportunity for them to develop their breakthrough ideas through complete freedom, find new approaches to furniture risk assessment and help reduce irregularity as it relates to chemicals safety”.

Dr. Limonciel (pictured in heaven, right, receiving the award from Yves Verschueren Managing Director of Essenscia)  carefully read pharmacology and toxicology at the engineering govern Polytech’ Nice-Sophia in France. She completed her doctoral studies in the part of Physiology and Medical Physics at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria in 2013.  Dr. Limonciel is commonly working at Innsbruck as a Postdoctoral researcher steady molecular mechanisms of nephrotoxicity notably using the integration of multiple omic datasets in the same state as transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and epigenomics.

The grant ceremony and dinner were the highlights of the ~ and foremost day of the 2015 Annual CEFIC-LRI Workshop. The assistant day of the workshop will point of convergence on non–animal-based safety charge and will showcase the outcome and impinging of several LRI projects completed in 2014-2015 from the fields of environmental jeopardy assessment, bioconcentration, chemo-informatics, exposure modelling, skin sensitization and receipt of innovation.

About the Award
The LRI Innovative Science Award ~iness €100.000 was first introduced in 2004 for the re~on that a funding opportunity for young scientists based in Europe. Its final cause is to stimulate innovative research, to promote ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and to introduce new approaches that decision advance the environmental assessment of dangerous substances. More than a decade later, it is gentle the biggest award of its class in Europe and has helped numerous scientists realise their ambitions and be transformed into part of the LRI scientific reticulated.

The Long-range Research Initiative (LRI) is portion of Cefic’s voluntary initiatives to improve the Regulatory Framework of the chemical habitual devotion to labor in Europe. Its mission is to prove to be identical and fill gaps in our understanding of the hazards posed by chemicals and to improve the methods to be turned to account for assessing the associated risks.

For other information on the LRI activities and the decree, please contact Programme Manager Bruno Hubesch.

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