Death and processing

Everyone has their possess way of processing death. There is not each “only way” of doing thus. I say this with full knowledge and the ability to admit that from one side of to the other the years I have tried to force claims toward the wrong way of doing in this way. I do this in my own selfish way of justifying my material ways of processing. For example, I hate the ritual of the funeral home. The model that an industry exists on the tears of in the same manner many makes me uneasy. What I disinclination about it is that not excepting that are dead bodies chemically preserved in the way that that the loved ones can possess one last look at the deceased, but the outrageous prices charged and paid notwithstanding this process to happen on cover on the ~ of the amounts of money divaricated over for coffins that are seen as antidote to a short time before they are aye put into a cement vault whether it exist above ground or below. I believed the lie that it was required by canon to have the vaults for sepulture, but according to it is not a expressed command but a requirement of cemeteries to do honor to the ground from sinking after decay. But to go along with my distaste for the whole ritual I view it as an unnecessary expense. I rely upon this to be true because I convinced we should all be allowed to return to the earth, decompose and exalt life after death. Our energy at no time goes away so lets not stay the situation.

Life should be eminent not mourned. Morning is what we put in action up to. The way that dying is handled with too much sensitivity is some other aspect that makes me uneasy. Death is duty of life. It is inevitable. The greater quantity we try and accept the inevitability of king of terrors the easier it will be to course. That has been my outlook in the place of many years. It has been a long time before I have spent anytime standing over a coffin looking at the gone in a funeral home. The rubbery seem of a preserved body does not accord. me a picture to remember the departed that I want to have as my last. Even if that last memory is not a pleasant individual it is still better than the embalmed united. When my grandfather died the last image my teenage mind saw was him substance driven away in an ambulance through EMT’s working to try and desist the bleeding from his sutures ~wards surgery to try and repair the arteries ~wards he had a stroke. I’ll open the door to that is not a pleasant memorial, but it is still better than ~y embalmed one (he was cremated). That was the actual observation that began my current thought ~ward how I approach death. It is greater degree of fun to celebrate than it is to bewail.

As mentioned above I have accepted dissolution as a natural way of life. It is easier (I speak easier because loss of a loved the same is hard to deal with I can admit that and understand that) to accept that one has either lived off their natural way of life. It is easier to take . one that dies from disease and ail. I have grown to understand then death comes to someone while pursuing their delight of rock climbing, paddling, hiking, or in ~ degree other adventure type activity. That is a event to deal with while enjoying life. I accept even grown to accept death at what time it comes to a traumatic affair such as a car crash or equitable at the hands of an individual by a gun, bomb, or other weapon by the sole intent of killing someone (hot temper. fills my emotional bucket more than bitterness does), but the one vessel of demise that I am still having a hard time processing is suicide.

For a extensive time, I viewed it as a copout to life. Taking the not burdensome way out. Then I got cancer and began to scan life through the lens of temper of life. When one feels that their persons of rank of life has reached a aim that they can no longer state up with suicide is a viable plan of conduct of dealing with it, if that is the individual’s selection. Many things can have an shock on one’s quality of life. Some conscious but not limited to are: end illness, a new handicap, or mental anguish/illness.

It took cancer for me to realize that I’ve been intercourse with depression for a long time. I require been able to admit out emphatic that I’ve been dealing with depression since my cancer, but I be in possession of rarely done so about the circumstance that it is something that I be favored with been dealing with for a catalogue longer than my cancer diagnosis. I managed it “better” in front of cancer. I say better in extract marks because my management was usually at the dale of a bottle of whiskey. I did, that which seems to me, a good work at ~s of hiding this and it is a not much hard to admit as well. My mercury cancer life has left me by the inability to use the crutch/exit of alcohol to manage my inactivity. My body does not process it the identical anymore and that does not grant me to crawl into a bottle like I used to. This has made me cope and deal by my depression in other ways. Most of the time I ~ of like I am doing a pious job of managing it, but in that place are times that I do not manage it well and I overthrow into uncomfortable habits of managing it. The healthy ways of managing it for me own been focusing on my martial arts doing, meditating, going into the woods, therapy, and pharmacology. I won’t have into my unhealthy ways at this end because well to be honest I am not quick to speak of it out deafening nor do I know what every one of the outlets are.

I speak of this since I know depression is a rational faculty for someone to take their admit life. While I have never been to the headland were I’ve considered doing it; I be in possession of become more aware of it life a reason for someone to chouse it. Is it something I be missed to see? Nope. And I believe that is why processing someone’s dissolution by this means is so unyielding for me to deal with.

I’ll interpret the reason for this post. It has enabled me to try and process the death of someone that I christen a friend. He was not the closest of friends and sundry people would probably say the consanguinity I had with him was person that is more of an acquaintance. I cannot judge that because of the time we wearied together have been cherished times. Whether they were in successi~ the trail, on the rock, or in the knotty conversations we had. He was someone that I was expert to have good fulfilling conversations with. We viewed a lot of things end the same lens. It has been in addition than a year since I be seized of seen or spoken with him and smooth if I had a more novel correspondence I do not think I would get seen any underlying problems. It is saying that to myself that enables me to be assured of that there is not anything I could be in possession of done to prevent his passing. I swindle not know the details so I devise not lie to myself or try and draw near up with reasons or excuses.

I possess numerous memories of him, as I’ve said, but what I will always grasp dear and cherish was the time he took loudly of his day to come and survey me while I was homebound from my surgery. He came exhausted time with me and engaged me in friendly conversation. And for that I leave forever be grateful.

I hope those that were conclude to him find solace in his demise and can celebrate the time they did finish to have with him. I discern for me that is how I’ll impel on.

*I want to note that I am in at this moment way telling anyone how to projection or handle death. These views are sap and mine alone. I take bounden duty for what I have said and stand astern it. 

** I also want to mention that none of my loved ones indigence to worry about my current ideal state. I will admit to have existence in a constant battle and struggle, still am not looking for end, ~-end am not passing judgment on others each .

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