Fospropofol  is a watersoluble prodrug of propofol that results in left undone (20–30%) liberation of propofol into the systemic spread by alkaline phosphatase. It is believed that ut~ (70–80%) of the propofol liberated is more remote metabo-lized prior to entering the systemic circulation. The peak hypnotic effect occurs approximately 10 minutes following a bolus injection. The kinetic disposition of liberated propofol differs from that of every injected propofol emul-sion, with the constructer being slower for reasons that remain unexplained.

Apparent advantages of an wet solution of fospropofol are a reduced peril of bacterial contamination com-pared with a propofol emulsion and the default of an infused lipid load that has been associated through organ toxicity during long-term infusions of a propofol emulsion. Whether the commencing medication will cause less pain in c~tinuance injection remains to be determined. The comparatively slow-onset kinetics of fospropofol with appearance of truth would not make it useful for induction of general anesthesia. It may supply with food utility for sedation in the ICU, procedural sedation on the surface of the operating room (where its safeness needs to be demonstrated), and conducive to sedation during monitored anesthesia care or regional anesthesia for the time of which a rapid onset is smaller quantity critical.

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