Graduate entry medicine, help choosing first degree.

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There is probably a ten hundred different versions of this thread, limit I don’t mind being a multitude and one. I’m 26, studying a body of knowledge access course. I eventually want to period up as a doctor. There aren’t great number universities that accept access students in the same manner with an alternative to A Levels, but if the access course is used to prevail upon onto a different course and THEN medicine, that degree can be used to persuade onto undergrad medicine.

I’d like to study something that gives me a general information of anatomy, pharmacology, neurology basic lab skills etc. Something that covers a inconsiderable bit of everything, rather than a distribute of something.

I have a not many courses in mind, one being sanatory science at Leeds, but are in that place any courses that you would insinuate, or from the brief description too high for think would suit me?

There are very a few medical schools that conclude in fact accept Access qualifications nevertheless they’d have to be Access to Medicine more than a more general Access to HE process. However, the task of actually finding out which universities accept which Access menses is actually quite a bit to a greater degree laborious than finding out their A Level requirements albeit one that is apparently accepted through 20+ medical schools is the Access to Medicine point of compass run by the College of West Anglia.

If you be able to do well on an Access race, I’d generally advise against doing regulate entry medicine. There’s literally in ~ degree reason why anybody who can make acquisition the grades in a Level 3 modification should be bashing their head in requital for the wall trying to get into healing art through the graduate route. It’s crazily competitive, adds more debt than you poverty, wastes your time (assuming you’re no other than wanting to pursue a first degree as a means to an extremity) and is generally something I’d only recommend for people who just be able to’t get AAA at A Level or equal.

Although if you’re still determined to be sufficient it this way, I’d judge all the ones you’ve listed are welcome. Popular choices for those doing the graduate route also include biochemistry and biomedical sciences. It’s in your regard to do a science degree for the cause that, while most graduate entry programmes are joyous with any degree, some of them specifically ask a science degree and, seeing of the same kind with the others don’t mind, you’d hold more choice when applying if you effect a science degree.

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