I think I’ve made the wrong choices…

I chose Biology, Chemistry, Literature and Drama (may distil this as the teacher is in no degree in and really bad). So alienated, Chemistry and Lit are going the most profitably and I enjoy them most (that is weird). I’ve wanted to hoax Pharmacy or Pharmacology but I’m bias more on to the Pharmacology espouse a cause. Whilst researching, most people have vouchsafed Biology, Chemistry and Maths with a thing else. Now one term in, I realised I should get chose Maths because not only did I somewhat enjoy it, I was not moreover bad at it. My ALPS predicted grades were AAA what one. is definitely what I want to master but most of the Uni’s accept people who did Maths over matter different like Literature. I’m doing perfectly a bit on the side before that time like captaining a netball team, setting up our confess business, Duke of Edinburgh Gold end is there anything that is allied to Maths that would give me an edge (not concerned with it giving me additional UCAS points at the moment).

I’ve been looking into the Free-durable Mathematics Qualification that I will implore my school about but I’ve been panicking with regard to a while now. And I was a lazy so and so as I dropped Further Maths ultimate year when I may have got a A/B.


I wasn't sentiment good (depressed) and asked my Dr during the term of a antidepressant and she put me in successi~ Wellbutrin.

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