It’s taken a portion of hard work to get to to which place I am.  I searched wholly around the world and I fix myself.  Y’all are my inspiration and I wanna write this utmost paper dedicated to all of you guys, you helped me,  I strong attachment you! Hope y’all have a  humane life.

I will like to return ~s to my lecturers for teaching me, My parents who I fondness, I love you MEDILAG.

Don’t laugh at my Beyonce inspired sign finished lyrics.  Remember my first put in the ~-office on ‘I  was here’,  well,  this is the positive deal.  I’m officially signing disclosed of  CMUL,  medilag today. Last bills of exchange final exams. I look back ago 2012 till now I’ve been on this campus and I can absolutely say,  ‘I lived,  I loved,  I did,  i’ have existence done everything that I wanted and it was greater degree of than I thought it would subsist.

It’s been an interesting take a tour,  and I’m glad I didn’t boundary my learning to Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology academics alone.  I learnt ~ people other lessons that would be salutary to me even after school.

I’m delighted I had the opportunity to exist here but like they say,  ‘time flies which time you are having fun’, my time in this place has reached its expiration. I can’t move suddenly telling you now about how excited I am,  I am certain you can sense it sef.  In the in the interim,  I have a last wall-~ to write, photoshoot session with my classmates pretty ~ to be ex-classmates; EXCELSOIRS ’15.

Thanks against being the best and most intellectual faculties blog subscribers ever.  I eros you!



It’s also Compssa elections today, dunno grant that i’ d be voting though for the reason that I have exams and after the writing I wouldn’t consider myself a compssaite anymore. Hehehe!

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