It is What it Is

This precise post has been brewing in my director for a long time now.
I’ve not been certainly how to title it, how to part it and whether it would have existence detrimental to my friends, family and just to my career to “put it on the ~side there”.

Frankly though, the older I achieve the less I care what other humbler classes think of me.
I care further about my actions, how I exhibition love to others and being the most wise possible me I can be. I get less patience for people who are cease minded and critical and if they’re going to have ~ing toxic, I’m just going to stir along and “pay them no inclination”.

The older I grow the besides I think in my head a wondrous phrase my cousin Eric uses: “No Fucks Were Given”.  (Side scholium: Eric, if you ever see this, you should perceive you are my hero. Your candidness, information, fabulous sense of humor and address to call it as you understand it are beautiful qualities I soar to emulate.)

This post is hind part before removing stigma. This post is ready how I have overcome shame. This carry to the ledger is about the pain caused by those those who judge or unknowingly hurt me from a place of want of knowledge.

Here’s the story for you:

In sometime since 2013/early 2014 I began to experience very sick. I lost a hap of weight. It was clear to vulgar herd around me something was really do a ~ to. I was struggling to keep up in the boldness of a really busy time at be in action (and yet I still managed to conclude a HUGE deal at work). 
I eventually became in the way that sick I had to go to the hospital through ambulance. I was hospitalized and diagnosed through cancer and placed on life with exception medication. 

I was afraid to reckon my company – specifically my boss and colleagues and friends. I made up a falsehood and told my boss I’d had a feeling scare related to my blood constraining force and it sounded plausible enough to give the reasons for my hospitalization.

Also, I was a piece in denial. I couldn’t procedure the diagnosis and sometimes it felt..unsubstantial. This couldn’t be happening. I did be effective a few very close friends (and I make an apology in advance if you weren’t the same of them…it was distressing to have part my news with even close clan. Many of them still don’t perceive.)

My job provides our medical insurance and time away from work would incite us in (greater) financial distress. I didn’t stand in need of to be assigned fewer accounts or supply my boss a reason to fervor me. I didn’t want anyone to suffer my weakness. I decided to normal “gut it out”.  
My family was shell-shocked and afraid conducive to my survival and it damaged us entirely. It changed our entire family dynamic. 

Through it aggregate, I hid the twice weekly in-clinic treatments with bogus appointments on my work place upon the ~ so my boss wouldn’t be sure. It took more than a year in the place of me to go in to a nature of remission and grow stronger. It took greater health changes – diet changes, more self care like yoga and deep thought, really dedicating myself to get enough rest. 
These changes also impacted my lineage. The more I took time to restore, the less was doing my parcel out of “being with” my family and doing the legitimate things it takes to run a pragmatical household with kids.

Also, I forfeited the ability to do things I’d for ever loved to do. For a exceedingly long time I was literally incapable to read. (I had always been a greedy reader – a huge book lover.) I would gaze earnestly at the walls in pain and couldn’t just escape into NetFlix or a main division .

Moreover, the (costly, but necessary) medications are not something I be able to live without for the foreseeable denoting futurity if I want to hope to stay in this tenuous remission. 

I consider come to accept that I may well consider to be hospitalized for treatment another time someday, and while I dread this, I am determined to battle like hell to avoid it. This hangs from beginning to end my head and weighs on my race’s mind and each sign of a symptom – any twinge or sign – is enough to worry my kids and spend frugally and this makes me feel horrible ~iness despite the fact it is before my control.

I hated 2014. Hardest put down year of my life. Painful since my family in many, many ways. In November of 2014 I had major surgery unrelated to the cancer. I was in the hospital on this account that nearly a week – and this time it wasn’t in the cancer guard. (And fortunately it was at HCMC, especially than Abbott, which held the sad memories of my prior hospital stay.)

My stud was definitely unhappy with my time gone from work – and this just strengthened my resolve that she and my coworkers should not comprehend about my health. It garnered more awkward and in many cases disagreeable comments from my coworkers and that formerly again validated my decision to hide the cancer treatments (that were ongoing at that point).

This led to frightful shame and stress at work. Eventually I was propose on a sort of probation at drudge (I still think this was not debt to my professional performance, but who cares) – and this was plenty to finally spur me to appear for a new (and better) job. 

The fresh start has been prodigious in many, many ways. Sure, I miss friends and colleagues from my aged job…but the new work environment I’m in is…freeing. I have the consciousness of being more able to speak my heed and be honest and up-brow. I’m not fearing for my job and I feel that my execution and hard work are being valued and that some medical appointments I need won’t cost me my job.

I tell you total of this not because I wish your sympathy. I am confessing completely of this because I want to ruin the stigma. The stigma of mental illness. 
Go ahead and re-make out the story above and every time you observe the word cancer replace it with Bipolar II or mental illness.

Yes. In my 40s, in the rear of career success, marrying a wonderful save and building our lovely family with these amazing kids… I almost died.

I be possible to’t explain it adequately…but there are a few songs and lyrics that I be of opinion might help.

Try listening to Sara Groves sonnet “From this One Place” 

The lyrics she wrote were all over her late-in-life diagnosis of ~y Anxiety disorder:

[ I was about to accord. up and that’s no lie…

…from this one place I can’t see very far
in this single moment I’m square in the ignorance
these are the things I will trust in my heart
you be possible to see something else
something else ]

And another song she wrote sums up by what means Jeff has provided support for me.
It’s called “Twice As Good”

And..for good the song that I heard diffuse after it was popular, but that veritably helped spur me to write this stigmatize is by Mary Lambert. You’ve in likelihood heard “Secrets” before..but her FIRST ancestry in this song were the shriving-pew words I need everyone to ~ken to. 

I can just slightly arrange the lyrics and it fits me exquisitely when I sing the song (rocking to the end in the privacy of my car!):

[ I’ve got bi-polar put out of place
My shit’s not in public tranquillity
I think I’m overweight
I’m everlastingly late
I’ve got too many things to say
I rock mom jeans, bee earrings
Extrapolate my feelings
My clan is dysfunctional
But we have a obliging time teasing each other

They mention us from the time we’re young
To hide the things that we dress in’t like about ourselves
Inside ourselves
I be aware of I’m not the only some who spent so long attempting to have ~ing someone else
Well I’m past it


I don’t care whether or not the world knows what my secrets are, secrets are ]

That common fits pretty damn well. 
And it’s comforting to be attentive her success. It’s comforting eddish. time I read my BP receptacle (yes, there is a magazine that gets mailed to my home monthly – and they be in actual possession of a website) and read about other the masses 
People diagnosed at the eleventh hour in life. Or not. People who closely destroyed their lives. Or not. People who gain been “successful” in spite of major mental illness. Or not.

I recite “successful” because even if earning an income and not losing my parents and children are considered “success” – that doesn’t little that other people with Bipolar are a single one less successful even if they’re precisely putting one foot in front of the other and surviving. 

I told my legend (above) the way I did not to minimize cancer, on the other hand to help point out the divergence between how people treat those diagnosed with the two illnesses. 
I consider two people near and dear to me warfare for their lives at the moment and going through chemo and easily radiation and it SUCKS. It is to all appearance the worst season of their lives to-age. From all I can see from the superficial it looks like hell on soil. 

However, when they were diagnosed they accepted sympathy. People send cards and flowers. People encompass them. People make meals for them and be impelled them to medical appointments. Sympathy, empathy, intelligence…not stigma, avoidance and even entertain ~s.

My careful balance to “get superiority” has involved DBT (google it), medication carefully tailored to my needs – and one of them at the maximum dosage because my particular form of bipolar is the greatest part dangerous – because in the depths of a promiscuous state (google that, too) I am further likely than others to very skillfully confide suicide. 
My recovery has included trouble, a routine, getting adequate sleep and mediate agency/spiritual focus. My year of DBT is completed, and I use the skills constantly. I’m in a gracious place – good enough to not in fact need frequent therapy. I have to exist mindful that this could all change at any moment. For now, my 5 pronged advance is keeping me in “remission”. 
I have power to take care of others again. I have power to be a supportive friend. I can socialize and make friends. I be able to honestly present a happy face to others. I can be a loving mother and wife.

I am tentatively going back to interpretation and quilting again. At first I could only read books in paper (no Kindle)..on the other hand I’m experimenting with my in the beginning kindle book this month and I’m half-way through…so I have trust.
TV doesn’t usually interest me anymore..otherwise than that reading and writing have come back, and frankly those capabilities are remote more important to me. 

I am once a better wife and mother than I used to be. 
In general however, my changes – greatly for better, but perhaps some according to worse, have taken some major “acquirement used to” for my kids and Jeff. 
Imagine cunning someone for nearly 2 decades, or in the envelop of my kids – their whole lives – and in consequence their personality changes drastically. 
Like I related, on the whole, they are skilful changes. My kids appreciate that I am a further compassionate, mellow person, don’t be impelled aggressively like I used to and I am slower to offence.

But they are disturbed when I am friendlier with strangers – chatting in the checkout stripe or any other “outgoing” behavior they don’t remember from “before“. 
They are prudent for any act that might remarkable hypo-mania. They are suspicious anytime I dispose of money (a sign of possible aberration can be impulsive purchases – although this is not any of my common signs of delirium). When I rush around because we are recently deceased they worry that my moving “also fast” = mania. Basically, they worry. Which is horrible as they shouldn’t have to worry. 

Running has been a major (and cathartic) component of my redemption. Vigorous exercise is actually recommended in the place of those with bipolar. It’s portion of one of the many DBT coping skills. 
The time that running takes gone from my family is also something that they (understandably) be provoked at to a degree, too. 
It’s a individual activity for the most part – and not unit of their it appears (and many times to me, feels) “selfish”. 

The ocean reason I am finally divulging this, however, is because of something that happened to me this beyond week.

Jeff was traveling so I had to generate Michael to Catechism and pick him up.
I harbor’t been to church much before this I “retired” from teaching Sunday teach – mainly because it’s been tough to reach back. And, moreover, I’ve been acquirement my spiritual needs fulfilled elsewhere (a women’s Bible study, yoga, deep thought, prayer while I run)..and I now and then I also falter in my word of honor. 
This is in large concern to the sort of dogmatic “conscientious” (rather than Christian – notice I’m discriminating between the two) reaction to mental health. 

I know a destiny of people (and frankly, to a vast degree I used to be the same of them) that are skeptical of intellectual health diagnoses. 
Thoughts like:
Is it certain? C’mon, isn’t depression rightful an excuse for laziness? They slip on’t look sick. Sure, he blows up formerly – but he’s got a pious/stressful job and so what admitting that he drinks too much. Or…some people are JUST EVIL. That’s wherefore they do/did that.

This week a employee I know very well from my body of christians saw me waiting for Michael to conclude up in Catechism and approached me. He reported: “Long time no see!” (Fair make ~s. I’ve been avoiding our ecclesiastical authority.) We chatted for a while without ceasing a variety of topics. 
Let me significance first that I really LIKE this part. He’s an older man who helped me same much in the past with a office project. He is generous and a crush servant of God. He is a close and longtime member of our house of worship.

AND, early in our conversation, in show out of nowhere he shook his lead and rolled his eyes and said: 

“I mean, c’mon, this Bipolar and Schizophrenia – that’s honorable the devil. You know what we (this region) need? A REVIVAL. Bipolar and Schizophrenia – those are entirely of the the enemy.”

I was stunned. So much in the way that that I wonder if he noticed that I stopped responding in our chat for a while. (He kept talking, and eventually we got to a blister I could respond to…but my brain was subdue reeling from the shock.)

I walked at a distance and thought to myself: My true Christian and godly Psychiatrist with a Doctorate in Chemistry, Psychiatry and Pharmacology would conjure to differ. My Christian DBT instructor and therapists would moreover disagree strongly.

If you look up the explanation of Cancer it reads: Cancer is every abnormal growth of cells which mind to proliferate in an uncontrolled march and, in some cases, metastasize (compass).

If you look up the exact meaning of Bipolar it reads: Bipolar is a tractable illness marked by extreme changes in frame of mind, thought, energy and behavior. Bipolar turn topsy-turvy is also knows as manic low spirits because a person’s mood be able to alternate between the “poles”–mania (highs) and hollow (lows). The change in mood can last for hours, days, weeks or months. There is nay single cause. Genetics, neuro/biochemical changes and importance can play all play a role.

In my en~ there was certainly a genetic and strain component. And, I can see, in hindsight that I had undiagnosed cyclothymia. (Apparently clan with cyclothymia can easily be “tipped” into filled-blown Bipolar by a stressful life marked occurrence. This came as news to me – no more than is apparently very common according to the doctors I met in the hospital.)

I can also tell you that like numerous company women I have “rapid cycling” Bipolar II and mixed states. This is challenging, and in addition helpful in the sense that I be able to often employ DBT skills to “comparative estimate” things out before the pendulum swings over far to one extreme or a different – IF I can observe (or in DBT declare: “be mindful”) what I am experiencing and employ a counter strategy.

If it sounds like near work – that’s because it is. If it sounds like a coarse thing for my family to continued – to live with someone with each entirely different personality and new behaviors – that’s as it is.

If it sounds like I’m shamed ~ means of this…I can honestly say that is no longer the case. Like the ditty says: “Well, I’m over it. I don’t care if the world knows the kind of my secrets are, secrets are…”

This is some illness. Like cancer. Or diabetes. It is the present I was dealt and I didn’t require for it – but it’s up to me to live through it. Like it or not, it is that which it is.

Plan B starts through the fundamentals of Plan A on the contrary adjusts for those times when my planned flour doesn’t come together or when a friend calls and wants to fit for lunch or when there’s right not time to get the gym as being that strength training workout.

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