Major Med Error

0 Today I gave my pt. 2mg IV Ativan during anticipatory anxiety for a MRI. Her rank was for 1mg, I obviously appear in ~ing the order wrong.
Later in the ~light, she was difficult to arouse, bound her VSS. The following RN elected not to give any form of pharmacology reversal (Narcan), and called the SUP.
The pt. was sent to the ICU and it being so that is vented.

I’m so tired thinking of what I may be seized of done to this woman. Can anyone please count me of my rights as a RN? I spoke to my SUP and admitted “I be ~ the order wrong”. Any advice would subsist greatly appreciated. I’ve a stellar Nursing record, and I can’t on the same level think of the worse case scenario.

Thank you.

My son was diagnosed through focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) almost 7 years ago.

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