My Week #48 (2015)

Christian Union Mission Week, Dancing All Night And Fashion Show 2015 And Guest Post.

Week 48 in my Filofax

My equipment for one of the Beyonce Medley- SGUL Fashion Show 2015/ The delectable Fashion Show 2k15 cast/ Setting up the SU Bar as far as concerns the show/ Getting ready for any of my dances- I am gonna miss that leotard/ Amazing Fashion Show Artists at be in action/ Dance rehearsal until 3;30 in the first blush of the ~. Getting ready for the Afreakan caper 😀

Bible Verse Of The Week:
“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and social works.”
Hebrews 10:24

Recovering from the expound run throughs the night before, we had to have back to work as we aggregate had our one of our ultimate rehearsals. One of my rehearsals was supposed to exist an hour long but ended up captivating almost 2 hours,

We had a cordial simulation practical based on pharmacology. We basically worn out about an hour clicking on various drugs and chemicals and seeing to what extent it affected heart rate, blood compressing and skeletal muscle contraction. Then we had to contemplate about why we got the responses we got in articles of agreement of receptors invloved, neurotransmitters and signals. We had a small quantity quiz at the end which I did well in. The exemplar of a quiz about a subject during the time that complicated as pharmacology scared me at primeval but then it was very religious exam practice which made me realise that I in fact did know it.

I had again dance rehearsals and we learnt the end for the Afreakan dance which was individual of my favourite dances.

We didn’t regard any lectures but instead the actual last set of fashion show hasten throughs started at about 3pm and we didn’t farewell there till about 3;30a.m in the prime of day.

I had a very long delayed night and didn’t sleep to the time when about 4 in the morning in this way I missed my very first lecturing but then I was able to give heed the other 4 we had in the afternoon what one. wasn’t too bad.

The pristine night of the show started at 7:30. The eventuate out was good considering the performance that it was only the in the beginning day and I really loved performing.

Friday darkness was amazing. There were so manifold people and the SU bar was totally packed by people and the crowd was wonderful. There was an after party posterior the show which was really convenient too. We all had so plenteous fun and I wished it wasn’t in excess.

I finally got the fall out to recover from the long weeks of rehearsals. I did some work and then went to Gospel Choir rehearsals in the dusk.

After church, my flatmate and I had some people from church over and we had food and watched movies so it was a absolutely lovely time. I then had a slumber after that coz I was tired. I’m quick to start the new week.
Finally, I wrote a guest post on the blog Letters To Jayna elapse by the lovely Elissa about my journalling actual presentation. You can check it out whether or not you want.

Hope you guys had a sweet week.
Thanks for reading.
God ask 🙂

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