News on next EACPT Congress in Prague: 23rd – 27th June, 2017

The next 2017 EACPT Congress will be held in Prague from 23rd – 27th June, 2017.

The Congress decree bring together a wide range of international delegates, including health professionals, clinical and life scientists, discretion makers, professionals from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities and others biassed in the spectrum from basic to clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, and from drug discovery to regulatory affairs.

The following major EACPT Awards will be presented at the Congress.

The EACPT Lifetime Achievement Award is during the term of outstanding contributions to the national and between nations benefits of clinical pharmacology for remedial agent, health care and patient safety.

 The EACPT Scientific Award is during the term of the best scientific paper on a principle of arrangement relevant to clinical pharmacology and therapeutics published through a European clinical pharmacologist over the era between EACPT congresses, based on nominations ~ the agency of the EACPT Council. The award has a appreciate of 2000 €. Criteria are according to principles quality, broader impact in science, and the concern of the work in the words immediately preceding of healthcare delivery.

Anyone from anywhere in the creation with a professional interest in clinical pharmacology and/or therapeutics can now join the EACPT as some Individual Associate member.

Click here to lay upon online for EACPT membership.

Membership benefits contain:

Discounted registration fees for EACPT meetings

Access to videos of talks from EACPT Meetings

Online way to the Official EACPT Journal – Clinical Therapeutics

Access to the EACPT’s worldwide reticulated of Individual Associate Members

Active involvement in EACPT 

The EACPT was founded 23 years ~ne and now includes all national organisations because clinical pharmacology in Europe. The EACPT aims to engage educational and scientific support for the other than 4000 individual professionals interested in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics from end to end the European region, with its congresses attended ~ means of a global audience. The EACPT too advises policy makers on how the specialty can contribute to human health and pelf.

If you undergo thirst like this, you should sift it with your medical professional.

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