Oops the semester is almost over

Oops the semester is almost in addition


So I haven’t written a blog set since the first couple weeks of classes, and in the present life I just had my last lifetime of lectures today. Oops. So I’ll lawful give a brief overview of what’s gone from a thin to a dense state the past couple months.

I took 4 classes this semester. Physics – elegant without grandeur much put me in a headlock without ceasing day one and has been continually punching me in the impudence every week since then.

Introduction to Pharmacology – elegant without grandeur challenging and a lot of toil/information, but really, really interesting. I indeed enjoyed this class.

The United States and the Vietnam War – lenient of ironic that I came totality the way to Ireland to take a record course about the U.S., goal it’s been really interesting and I’m large knowledge about something that I actually didn’t learn in regard to in my past history classes in the U.S. anyways. It’s scrupulous to get the information from some unbiased perspective too.

Sexuality and Society – this class has been pretty interesting too, goal it’s kind of just my filler rank for the semester. Still cool to learn here and there the same issues and discussions that gain been prevalent in the States recently in the context of a manifold country and to see the differences betwixt them.

I’ve done some traveling subsequently to being here too, both in the rustic and out of the country. But I’m opinion I’ll just talk briefly round my in-country adventures for at this moment.

Blarney – Lindsey, Morgan and I took a time trip to Blarney one weekend ~ly the beginning of the semester. It’s only about a 15 minute bus ride from Cork City Centre in this way it took minimal effort to possess there. There are a lot of chaste things there, but it definitely isn’t the greatest number authentic thing to do while in Ireland (what one. makes sense since its become like a huge tourist attraction). I could definitely make out there were parts that were catered towards tourists preferably than Irish culture/traditions. For case in point, while we were walking around the gardens a couple of women that worked there asked us suppose that we had seen the fairy firm. We said we hadn’t and they told us they would spectacle us because it was nearby. In my first place though, I was thinking that I didn’t omit to be anywhere near a fay house or have anything to swindle with one, as we learned in our betimes start that fairies in the Irish tradition are not cute little sparkly tinkerbell-original creatures. They’re known for robbery babies in the night and leaving changlings in their spot, among other scary, evil, undesirable things. And they are not cute looking. But the women institute it and showed it to us. I was shocked then the fairy house turned out to subsist a miniature Barbie dream house-esque setup, by tiny, cute little fairies in it. So that automatically told me that was catered additional towards tourists and the image that the rest of the cosmos has of fairies. Unfortunately that indulgent of made me apprehensive of everything otherwise we saw while we were in that place. But don’t get me tort , there’s a lot of fair and amazing things there. The citadel is incredible and very well preserved, and the gardens are colossal and absolutely beautiful. I did kiss the Blarney Stone (and to all appearance contracted a few diseases in the case) so I can cross that on the farther side of my bucket list. As estranged as Blarney goes, my advice is this: grant that you’re only going to subsist in Ireland for a short aggregate of time, like a few days, don’t reach out of your way to travel to Blarney. Yeah, kiss the Blarney Stone is forward Discovery’s top 100 things to do before you die or whatever, on the other hand there are way more authentic and beyond belief things to do in Ireland. There are antique castles everywhere (I’ve been to gray a few) and lots of fair sites elsewhere. But if you’ll subsist there for a while and require to be able to say you’ve kissed the Blarney Stone, turn out for it. But don’t accurate go for the castle and the face with ~. Make sure you walk around the gardens since there’s SO much more to cook there other than the castle. Also try not to be of use during the winter months because I compass they close the gardens.

Cobh – Morgan and I took a time trip to Cobh while Lindsey was in London through her parents one weekend. Cobh is a faint town on the coast of Ireland, and it’s singly a 30 minute train ride from Cork City. It’s claim to renown is being the last port that the Titanic stopped at in the presence of its ill-fated journey and the resulting tragic death of Leonardo Decaprio. This was to all appearance my favorite day trip that I took in Ireland. The city is gorgeous. We pretty much merited walked along the water for in the same proportion that long as we could, looking at tot~y of the colorful buildings and prospect. We found out mid-walk that they obtain a Titanic historical walk with sundry sites along the way marked through plaques and we were unknowingly walking beside it, so we kept following it because of a while. We came upon a garden dedicated to the gigantic, but since it was Sunday it was closed and we could pass walk around in it, which was slightly unfortunate, but the walk was stagnant beautiful nonetheless. We also climbed up to the cathedral in the incorporated town that overlooks the ocean and has every incredible view. The inside of the cathedral was positively stunning too. I wish my photos could make prisoner just how magnificent it is, on the contrary a camera simply can’t peck up how amazing it is to regard it in person. There are a few museums dedicated to the titanic, if it be not that we didn’t visit any of them. We personally wanted other thing to just get a feel of the sort of the town is like in one authentic way, rather than a tourist attraction kind of way (this choose pretty much be a theme of my travels, as I’m sure you’re picking up in c~tinuance – I just don’t like being a super wayfarer very much). We sat at a park named in the rear of JFK and just enjoyed the explore for a while and then caught the train back to Cork.

Kinsale – I took Lindsey and Morgan to Kinsale conducive to yet another day trip. I visited in that place briefly during my homestay before classes started, still didn’t get to explore highly much so I wanted to travel back. Kinsale is about an sixty minutes bus ride from Cork, so one time again, pretty easy and cheap to acquire there. We tried walking to a ~ress located there, but turned around in the pattern of walking for about a half twenty-fourth part of a day because we thought we had passed it. Turns wanting we didn’t pass it and we should regard kept walking another 15 minutes or so and would have gotten to it, goal oh well. We walked around the metropolis a lot (once again, the buildings and atmosphere is just incredible – totally various from anything at home). We stopped in a used bookstore that I went to and barbarous in love with the first time I was in that place and explored there for a as long as. Then we ate some lunch, continued to walk around the town and stop into shops in the present state and there. Once again, we certainly just wanted to walk around and continued the town’s general atmosphere. There aren’t ~ persons tourist attractions there though, other than the sum of ~ units forts (which we would have loved to attend to but were too stupid to observe where they were – by the time we got back into township and saw how close we were originally steady the map we didn’t desire to walk another hour back deficient in there to see it and soon afterward another hour back into town). But I definitely don’t be moved like I missed out or didn’t fully experience it by not seeing individual of the forts, we saw a piece of land of the town and had a in reality great time. No ragrets.

Dublin – I’ve worn out 2 weekends in Dublin now. The foremost time with Lindsey and Morgan and the abet time with a friend visiting from home. Dublin is a positively cool city. It’s got a weakly different feel/atmosphere than Cork. It’s in greater numbers of a ‘big city’ be moved (in Irish terms – in compare with the states it’s quiet not that big). But it quiet has that old, historical, European posture of it too. Lindsey, Morgan and I went to the Dublin Zoo, that was actually a really good zoo and walked encompassing this huge park that you be possible to feed deer in. We didn’t expiration up seeing any deer to supply with material, but it’s still a substance that you can do there. We walked about the city center and Temple Bar yard, where we got dinner and listened to more live music. Once again, just irksome to get a feel for the incorporated town. Then the next day before we caught our 3 sixty minutes bus back to Cork we went to the Guinness magazine. That was a lot of merriment because you go up floor ~ means of floor, reading about the process and ideologies in fabrication Guinness. And you learn how to in a strict sense taste your Guinness, and how to properly pour one (it’s practically every art form here). Then once you win to the very top there’s a judgment-seat (called the Gravity Bar) with floor to ceiling glass windows all the march around, where you get a rid Guinness and can get an incredible view of Dublin. It was definitely a grow ~ experience and would recommend it to anyone that visits Dublin. Even yet it’s pretty touristy, it’s in fact authentic and definitely worth doing. The further time I spent a weekend in Dublin we explored Dublin fortress, more of Temple Bar, and accurate the city in general. I positively enjoy Dublin, but I have to presume I think I like Cork greater degree of. Of course, I’m a small degree biased. But the people of Cork are known because of being very proud of Cork and fair much thinking that Cork is the center of the nature. After being to Dublin though, I completely discern it. Dublin and everywhere else I’ve been in Ireland is wild, and there’s no place that I’ve been that I’ve disliked. I’ve loved in all places. But there’s just something extraordinary about Cork. I can’t perfectly put my finger on it or give the reasons for it, but it’s just the best.

I believe those are all of the in-region trips I’ve taken thus in great part. If I forgot anything I’ll subsist sure to come back and count up it in. I think I’ll in like manner make a Facebook album (my capital one since high school!) and dump quite of my photos from the semester without interrupti~ there, since I’ve taken in the way that many and only post a not many on here, and even fewer attached social media.

A couple other extraordinary events/things I’ve done:

Joined the Harry Potter converse – if you follow me forward Instagram (@cnjwodsmasher for all of you disastrous souls not currently doing so) you may esteem seen my photo from the Yule Ball. At the arising of the semester Lindsey and I joined the Harry Potter company and it’s probably the portion I’m most proud of doing after being here. My mom laughed and called me a nerd, if it were not that we all know she would join it by me in a heartbeat if she could (admitting that the Zabels have taught me anything it’s to fold to the heart your inner nerd and werk it perplexing). Lindsey and I attended the sorting pomp back in September, where I was sorted into Hufflepuff (wtf?) and ultimate month went to the Yule Ball, which was a lot of fun. It was a ‘strictly ~ garments tie’ event so we got to travel thrift shopping and get all dressed up (got my firm outfit for €20. Holla). It was held at a nice nice hotel and we had dinner in comfortable circumstances , where the menu was all Harry Potter themed. Then a DJ played symphony and people danced after. There was in addition a photo booth. It was a apportionment of fun. So make fun of me total you want, but anyone who says they don’t stand in need of to be in the Harry Potter brotherhood is in denial and a natural.

Competed in my first ever weightlifting contest – that was definitely out of my aid zone, but it was a doom of fun and I’m joyful I did it. I was the without more one in my weight class (that was higher than it should be…. I’m acquisition fat here) so all I had to observe to ‘win’ my weight class was not screw up, there was ~t any pressure. So naturally, I almost didn’t do any snatches and almost screwed it wholly up. But it ended up okay. I give faith to I ended up 4th overall in the come together, which was cool because there were a pair of national lifters and a Crossfit regionals champion competing. So I felt pretty legit, so much as though my cat singlet came in the armor a day late and I merited wore regular workout clothes. That was a gain experience – I got out of my console zone and met some really punctilious people. Don’t know that it’s necessarily something that I want to extend doing when I get back home nevertheless. I might just stick to Crossfit weightlifting and being share of a team instead of ~y individual competitor. I do much wagerer when there are other people counting on me instead of just myself.

Thanksgiving – considered in the state of everyone is aware thanksgiving was yesterday. I definitely was greater quantity homesick not being able to be home with my family eating every part of of the classic thanksgiving foods. But the three of us had our concede thanksgiving and it was a full success. Lindsey cooked the turkey, her pristine time ever cooking a turkey, and she totally nailed it. It was delightful. I made mashed potatoes (I’m nice much leaving here a master at material potatoes) and we had some new beans and asparagus and rolls that we bought from the bakery at the grocery abundance. They had ingredients to make pumpkin pie in the American portion of the store (right next to the €8 prosperous charms and €6 boxes of burst tarts) but Morgan, who was in charge of pie, could not supply any pie crusts. Here people usually just make their pie crusts, goal we weren’t about to pervert with money all the ingredients and spend every one of that time doing that, so we had none pumpkin pie. Which still makes me be perceived agitated/upset. But we bought a married pair Apple pies and had those instead. The food was delicious, and the visitors was even better. There’s nay one else I would have wanted to exhaust my thanksgiving in Ireland with. And it was a grand send off for Morgan, since she left the next day (because she’s a prosperous duck and doesn’t have somewhat final exams. Bastard).

My time here has absolutely flown by, as I expected. But I stationary can’t believe that I’ll excepting that be here for a few else weeks. I’m excite to arrive home, there’s a lot that I miss. But I be sure I’m going to be firm to go. I’ve thought almost what those last few days in the present life when my family comes out pleasure be like, and it makes me despondent. Until then, I’m trying to take it totality in and make the most of it. I’ve been paying more attention to my surroundings at what time I’m walking to and from class and around the city center, as I know I’ll miss it. I don’t cannot do without cannot dispense with to get home and feel like I didn’t to the full appreciate the beautiful and fantastic portion that I called home for 5 months. But I’m excited to influence back to Santa Clara and my friends and house (but mostly I just can’t wait to be attentive my dogs).

I think that’s altogether for now. I’ll try to set down posts for my trips out of the nation in the next week or to such a degree. Thanks for sticking with me this spun out. Sorry I suck at writing blogs and agreement people (including the humans who gave offspring to me) updated on my activities.

Fun reality: I have consumed a net system of weighing of 14 pounds of peanut butter as my arrival. I ran out not far from 3 weeks ago and won’t have any more until I get back home (that is probably for the best). I’ll try to remember to take a form an image of of all the empties and postman it just in case you don’t credit me.

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November 27, 2015


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