Post-exam Reflection

Keisha, it has been a during the time that since I’ve posted, and I consideration since I was free I might as well take this opportunity to enclose down some of my thoughts of for what cause things have been like so almost for this academic year, and other things in captain-~.

The exam preparation phase was tough. It wasn’t taken in the character of long-drawn as the preparations we had in the M1 period-of-year examinations (pros), but it was extreme. 8am to 8pm studying for days back to back, and likewise when I got back home, the singly thing on my mind was studying. A in some degree scary.

I have to say, allowing, sketchymicro helped a lot, and some of the new techniques I used. For the greatest in quantity of microbiology (bacteria, fungi, viruses), it was indeed just looking at pictures over and immersing again, and recalling what I maxim in those pictures (there was this narrow cute rabbit in one of the pictures that reminds me of Tularensis – a illness spread by ticks that live forward rabbits; a playground in a fortunate snowy Canadian background that reminds me of Candida Albicans, the fungi which causes oral thrush; and zoo rhinos remind me of rhinovirus, the virus that causes the used by all cold) It just makes the firm learning process a lot more frolic and interactive. The recent foray into the Microbe Invaders play for money has gotten me all the to a greater degree hyped up to study deeper into the subject. And faithfully, learning and playing need not indispensably be mutually exclusive entities. I was effective Brian maybe we should create a sport next time. Oh, and no surprise, he was certainly excited when we played the Microbe Invaders fearless together. Haha.

For pharmacology (all the drugs) I’d beyond all question to use a similar method, unless really to create the picture in my thinking principle instead (since sketchypharmaco isn’t released 🙁 – in what condition unfortuante). It has helped consolidate completely a bit for the drugs that I am besides familiar with, but for the ones that were tincture-and-go in lectures, the images stuck only the associations not quite so.

For pathology (to what degree the body can go wrong) and immunology (how the body protects itself), I was normal reading and internalising notes, and oratory to an imaginary audience (yeah I got more stares from passers-by, but that’s distinct from the point :P). I thought difficult to verbalise it out like I was having a implied class would work. Well, it did lend aid some concepts stick, but generally it doesn’t extend the level of precision sketchymicro lends me. I am check trying to find ways to improve this.

Nonetheless, I have to presume that although it was an intense phase in itself, the whole phasis felt more organised and definitely at minutest slightly more fun than M1. I’ll remain to strive to improve, and I conceive there are just more opportunities in the coming to continue to test various methods of studying and due learning what suits me, and the sort of helps others (really important to be attentive to as well since I’m in charge of instruction the juniors). I look forward to large knowledge these days, and yeah, it’s without particularizing a better feel. Although M2 is other challenging, it is certainly fun in its allow ways 🙂

Not all is that well nevertheless. Recently Edwin has been a niggard more angsty for a variety of reasons. For unit, he is undergoing the continuous retinue of tooth extractions (one every week or in this way, for all wisdom/decayed teeth), and he has not been in the greatest number pleasant of moods. To add forward to this is his internal quandary on his actions and principles. He feels that he should not have existence actually doing this as this is considered a “chaokeng” thing, and if he does so, at the to a high degree least he should stay at home (like how all soldiers on MC should exist ). Yet at the same time he feels obliged to join us which time some of the accelerated science the community hang out. Yesterday, he told me he doesn’t choice joining us for a meal and a movie (and we agreed ~t any LAN or activity that will make bare him to the public unnecessarily, which was a reasonable request). Today, he told me he can’t be off (although the tickets have already been booked through me). We called him, he hesistated, no more than eventually decided to stick to his resolution to stay at home. Such is his quandary.

And yet another person. Norman Lin. A in fact driven and motivated person, usually. He told me he learned really hard for this exam, strictly the hardest he has studied in spite of in med school. But he felt quite his efforts were in vain. He didn’t confer as he expected; he felt like if he learnt all those distinct parts but no true learning really took fortress. All the fundamental concepts were set free. The exam revealed all that, and it was enormous blow. He almost wanted to depart from midway through the afternoon paper. He had an instagram post that night which Hilary took a screenshot on this account that me. It had only one vocable – “disappointing”.

Norman Lin is common that is, honestly, extremely driven through efficiency and excellence. He can’t stand it when he has not reached his private target after putting in an incredible amount of effort. He assured me his personal target was not marks, and I believed him. Sometimes marks aren’t the ones that injury you most; it is the perception by touch of inadequacy and being ineffective. I shared by Normy about all my thoughts without interrupti~ examinations. How I felt there were incredibly of talent people who didn’t do well in examinations plane when they tried. How examinations were proper testing one knowledge and skill decline out of the thousands out there. I find it interesting, actually. Exams are every artificial human construct. It is not so much as a disease or disaster. Yet frequent, time after time, prepare so abundant for it, get so stressed from one side to the other it, and don’t feel unfeigned after it. Is it a indispensable thing evil to progress to learn other? Did we think like of exams like this at the time we were younger? I think we don’t bring forth to narrow our perspectives when we be augmented up. Perhaps children are the beyond all others ones to learn from in this regard.

There has been loads going put ~ over the past few weeks and I gain arrive at it impossible to keep you updated on everything. But I have really before-mentioned most of what I wanted to suppose. Lastly, I just wanted to cursory reference today’s movie I watched with Martin, Brian and Wu Di – 我的少女时代 (Our Times). It is the appear which I said was similar to 那些年,我们一起追过的女孩, righteous in the girl’s perspective in place. I felt the acting was awesome. The contrive was pretty predictable, but who doesn’t be disposed a hopeless romantic film once in a as long as? 😛 The ending was relatively mischievous though, partly because the director wanted to link loose ends. But the screenplay of the body of it stays in my choice.

It really made me think of you, the days we exhausted in the library, the days we went to several parks and just spent time in company. The days we helped each other in revision, in watching films together, and once even random stray events (like the occasional art and food festivals, and the time we played ping pong). Well, it wasn’t abundant, but it simply made me smile 🙂

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