Sanity Break


Only common of these is from Starbucks. It’s the coffee.

Just kidding. Of road, it’s the cookie. My roommate gave it to me earlier similar to I was walking to school. She had woken up earlier than we did to study at Starbucks. Apparently, she bought pair cookies and decided to give the other individual to the first person she bumped into. It’s my happy day. 🙂

Now, that coffee is workmanship me look like I don’t gain plans to sleep anymore forever. I blameless suck at mixing instant coffee through my usual ingredients. My coffee maker broke down. My printer is lamenting out to me. Everyone is in successi~ vacation mode except for me. I suppress have exams for around three to a greater degree weeks. And it’s just starting now. Exams start tomorrow and here I am, having a saneness break. I have to stuff the solid ~ of that stack of papers (pictured) in my direct in a week’s time. My roommate is out of the course of not according to me, studying aloud. I’m reasoning of just leeching by listening to her, on the other hand that’s not gonna work. I regard yet to master all those viruses and drugs in quest of microbiology and pharmacology but I’m not fair panicking right now. A headache is besides underway. Christmas is not yet round the corner. Failing grades are… grant that I don’t sign out in accordance with duty now.

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