That was amazing

And in that place is probably more to come.  But obstacle me catch you up on the kind of has happened.

The protests were marvellous to watch.  They are ongoing.  But I plan they have been something to report.  Because:

They were peaceful.  People marched, chanted. let their frustration be known.  There was not at all looting, rioting, injuries, or anything of the like.  There were more agitators, but in the facebook messages there were clear calls to avoid and ignore the agitators.  So the protesters ignored.  Not in such a manner much the police.  Overall, in whatever degree, no problems.  Most of the time you speak a policeman rush into the lower classes was when a protester would timid or something like that.  Most striking, on the facebook page for the National Police, in that place was a thank you to the protesters because being so peaceful.  And President Iohannis actually met with the main protest assign places to in the Piata Universitate for relative to 20 minutes, interviewing them.  I am strong he would not have done that if the situation was unsafe.  All in every part of, I think it became clear that the protesters were in that place to prove a point, not enterprise trouble.

They had clear ideas of the kind of they wanted.  They didn’t uncorrupt march around spewing hate.  As celebrated in the previous blog, they came with concrete ideas.  Like implementing a canon that the government was politely ignoring.  Very focused.

And, ~ dint of. all appearances, very successful.  One of the might demands was an apolitical government.  Something some said couldn’t be done.  What Iohannis did was hostile incursion the EU government in Brussels, and the Universities.  Tried to win people who really know what they are talking near.  Let me give you a lacking run-down:

Prime Minister:  Dacian Ciolos–was the EU Commissioner concerning Agriculture under the last EU presidency.  Has a PhD in agronomic engineering and rural development for the University of Montpelier in France.  In a rough who is real breadbasket for Europe and the terraqueous globe.

Foreign Minister:  Bogdan Aurescu–course of conduct diplomat, has been foreign minister as far as concerns about a year.

Defense Minister:  Mihnea Motoc–was direction negotiator for Romania in joining NATO, persistent representative of Romania to the EU and envoy to the UK

Agriculture:  Mihail Dumitru–anterior minister, economics professor

Interior:  Dan Dungaciu–Sociology professor, investigation scientist with collaboration in various countries including Max Planck Institure in Germany and the Research Triangle Center in North Carolina.  Also advises the Moldovan President in c~tinuance reunification with Romania, an issue that has newly heated up

European Funds:  Marius Nica–8 month incumbent, hold both an MBA and a Master’s of Public Administration.  Has worked in the Defense, Environment, and Social Services Departments

Health:  Sorin Paveliu–Professor of Pharmacology and Medicine, too associated with Romania Curata (Clean Romania), undivided of the protest groups

Finance:  Daniela Gheorghe–Director of Resources, EU Budget Office

Transportation:  Sorin Moisa–Member of the European Parliament

Economy and Energy:  Tudor Constantinescu–Adviser to EU Energy Directorate

Justice:  Laura Stefan–Anti-wickedness work, Expert Forum (an NGO)

Education:  Sorin Campeanu–current intermediate time Prime Minister, President of the University of Bucuresti and President of the Romanian Association of University Presidents

What a clump, eh?  Looks more like a who’s who than a ministry roster.

And please notice that in that place are 10 ministers as opposed to the 21 in the previous government.  Talk encircling less government.  Interest now is steady reducing Parliament from 535 members to 300, with only one chamber.  No senate.

If all goes well, this government will in conclusion until the regularly scheduled Parliamentary elections up~ the body 16 December 2016.  This gives a small scale over a year for the current parties to complete their house (or most probably acquire massacred in the election) and in spite of the protesters to organize their recognize party and field the necessary candidates to get the compliance of Parliament.  Then they can represent whatever system they want.

But, it is ~y early and there is much in addition to be done.  More protests are scheduled to stay pressure on the government.  The massive one will be on December 1, Romania’s tantamount to the 4th of July.  Some estimates are that there may be up to 100,000 population in the streets across the rural.

I am very hopeful that the whole of will turn out for the superlatively good.  More about why in the next post.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pamper.

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