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1st and A*AA chemistry/bio/maths A Psychology As A lax studies A level

Those are definitely the just grades to get into medicine.

If you’re sure medicine is what you want to cook and pharmacology definitely isn’t, I’d leave sooner preferably than later. There is a extent of reluctance amongst some medical schools to accept students who’ve already embarked ~ward another degree (they would expect you to perform and apply as a graduate) only I think if you left later one term they shouldn’t take heed upon you unfavourably. One term isn’t remarkably long at all, lots of nation change their minds. It’s not like you’re at the expiration of second year.

It’s of high standing to set the wheels in action now though – I’d email the therapeutical schools you’re interested in applying to and illustrate that you’ve changed your regard about your current course and would you have existence able to apply in October 2016. If they suppose yes (which hopefully they will!), subject of discourse to your course tutor and notice if you can leave before Christmas. You can spend the rest of the year doing volunteering/act experience if necessary, saving money etc.

Hope that helps!

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