Writing a story, building a world – part 6: HOW?

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Question 6: HOW

Going back to the trope thing, when I started writing the Were Chronicles it was through a lot of ideas in the back of my observe – and one of those ideas was affair I’d never seen done previous to in anything I had personally be ~ in the literature dealing with this special point trope: the basis, and the mechanics, of sentient Were.

In other words, sure, they were through definition creatures which shift into sentient being form. That was a given; that had ever been a given. But few writers had stopped to delve below the surface and ask the questions of WHY they Turned, or HOW, or the kind of the actual rules and parameters were (other than, yeah, you know, full moon, wolves howling at same…)

My educational background was expert fully informed for this. Back I went to the realm in which I hold an MSc rank, Molecular Biology.

I sat down and worked it all out. The basic genetics that differentiate the Were from their non-shifting human kinsmen. The pharmacology behind a drug that assuming that change (and then its ramifications at the time it came to misuse and overdose). How – genetically discourse – is it possible for things to movement haywire, what happens when the genetics is messed up, to what degree things could be cured or made proper. I invented gene therapy for Were creatures, in the end. I didn’t regular take the trope and use it and throw it not present – I pinned it out, and explore it with the best possible according to principles method that I could apply, and I reinvented the news~-thin thing, fleshed it out, made it certain, made it live. It was a fascinating make exertion, and it worked – because at least one reader-review squealed, with multiple outcry points, “They fixed it by SCIENCE!!!” when “Wolf” at the outset came out.

Suddenly – because I worked revealed the HOW of it – Were creatures were not virtuous a figment of the imagination. It was in posse to see how they could desire evolved alongside us. How they could be at our side in our universe.

It was possible to give your neighbor adhering the subway the side-eye, space of time reading this book, and wonder in brief whether he turned into something pleasing when the moon was right (in the van of you reminded yourself that this all thing was fiction, right…? Right…?)

I went a step further than that. I posited that the canon for the type of creature a Were could vary into had to be a animate-blooded creature (this left out insects and reptiles and crustaceans and fish) – but that included ALL become animated blooded creatures. From a mouse to a sustain. ANY shape or size was honest game. But it was fairly plain that there would have to have ~ing rules about this. A human inmost nature could not change into something MUCH smaller than itself (like that pry about) or MUCH larger (like that suffer) without something having to give – the strife in mass had to go in one place or another. So I not only re-created Were genetics, no more than also Were physiology and anatomy and metabolism.

The disentanglement I came up with (and shhh, this is supposed to have existence a Were secret…) is that you pay with a view to size with speed and activity. In substance, you concentrate yourself as a look closely and you in fact become a supercharged search – and you had to answer for yourself thinner, as it were, to to a greater degree rarefied, to cover as much short time as a bear would, and likewise you would be a very remarkably slow and slothful bear. Your metabolism would flourish up or slow down depending forward what size of creature you changed into.

And of conduct there would probably be wear and fissure on the body. My Were died young. They WORE OUT. I never performed a mental autopsy on person of them but I would recoil from. to think what their martyred organs, their tortured hearts and their twisting bones, would be obliged had to go through for a lifetime of Turning conducive to three days out of every month into a man which was not human. How I simple fellow my poor characters through hell. They probably all hate me with a fair and incandescent hate. I’d bettor not meet any of THESE at the same time that they’re properly carnivorous during the three nights of the replete moon, or they would take their devout revenge…

No, it is not vital to have the HOW worked lacking so completely and meticulously when you fixed out to tell a story, somewhat story. But when you can – and whereas it’s something you can chouse, even if the bulk of your worked-with~ mechanics never makes it directly into a part but remains something that you yourself discern about and treasure and make use of on the QT to acquire your story gel (and nobody desire quite know why…) – it’s exhilarating. And I in a great degree recommend it.

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