14 December 2015

Today we had Alice’s prescription spaghetti with poached egg and Michelle made mushrooms by onion. So I am currently studying my pharmacology subjects and fabrication a poster of all the important points to note for easy allusion.


Will post the final pictures then done. Currently feeling weird. I remember I miss him alot and besides a little sense of guilt ~ the sake of the way I reacted towards my mum yesterday. I should not have permit it out on her and I grieve at doing so. She was just playing her role similar to a very cautious and caring originating. Well which mum does not fall short in the best for her child and I for aye forget I am not her without more child.

I really feel like talking to him. Asking him since advices or just talking to him makes me be conscious of being better. I used to tell him each single thing that happena and he would everlastingly give me good advices or at minutest made me feel way better. I cozen not know why that has stopped. Why can’t I guide myself to tell him my problems? Why am I charge it from him? Maybe I vouchsafe not want to look burdensome or troublematic. Or something like a spoilt brat. I don’t know.

And my friend has graduated and she is only 21! With a civil engineering space if I am not wrong. Her drawing captioned something that made me positively uneasy. It goes something lioe I be in actual possession of graduated bla bla bla and something masters bla bla and therefore I will be the PERFECT asian bantling. What exactly is a perfect asian child? Someone with rich parents loke yours? Or someone that has not been through any downfalls in ~ one major exams? Or just your dissipate lifestyle of high end branded commodities and your pompous spending and travel every inch of the world. I am strongly against boasting on social sites in the same proportion that such. Not eveyone is as successful as you mind that and they force actually be way better than you in every aspect. The only difference is they efficacy not have the financial support you be in possession of. I mean it is alright to situation pictures of you travrlling evwywhere but that choose your choise of words carefully. You may put to hire younger viewers have the wrong archetype that to be a perfect nursling they must be like you and their parents devise have to be in a herculean state. True account of what I heard my preacher telling my mother about. She told me to subsist more sensitive and careful with the superior of words I have and at a past period it is not only the child that is affected but also the parents. Some of you power not agree with me on this yet it is just my opinion. No attack. If you are really offended ~ means of this by all means quit this serving-boy. And more importantly, whatever you are doing granting that you feel it is right, therefore continue doing so. What I touch is not important but your conscience is.  Anyway back to my labor. Xoxo

Worldwide, more than 500,000 somewhat old kilos of cycle of the children are flagged each medication.

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