Au Revoir amazing 2015!

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2015 has been a onerous year.

And as matter of truth, great makes such an understatement to depict all that I had experienced this year. 

Though through great here I do not dirty all were on the upside, in that place was a fair share of downside overmuch, (if everything were to be forward the upside, that’s highly suggestive of me having a aberration — feeling elated all the time ahah, clear my poor joke errr, perks of centre of life in Med Psychiatric block/posting mehh) and as of them all, made this year, a the more so amazing journey if not the most judicious year by far. 

I learnt a haphazard, discovered things about myself and I make no doubt of I’ve grown, in many aspects of adulthood. I’m not suggesting that I am before that time a full fledged adult (still halfway in that place), but I can feel the changes from not beyond me and I guess that’s which really matters. And my proudest attainment among all the “aspects”, has got to subsist my emotional growth *yeay Qish*. To exist able to exercise a good reign over of my own emotions had been hard all these years honestly, and moreover being a sensitive person, I am always riding the emotional roller coaster ride. I easily cause to be emotionally distracted, which then led me to overthinking; the in the greatest degree tiring brain work, and a wither of resource. Though I dare not recite that I am in a immaculate control, but to just be in rule, now, it is way good plenty for me, umm well knowing myself. And I am looking promote to the upcoming year to more suitable equip me with better control. So modern year resolution number one, listed? Lol. I’m not truly big on making new year resolutions from the time of many years ago (because I noticed that I’ve in no degree really achieved one haha), and furthermore because I would casually make resolutions every now and then, so I don’t extremity to wait for 12 months to get a list uhh uhh. 

Oh hey any other important “aspect of adulthood” I learnt this year; with exception money (and make some money too!)! Which is so impossible for a Balqish, base for her spendthrift-ness (is that smooth a word?). Though I used completely the money saved for traveling purposes, and shopping over, (whoops I’m just that improvident you know – I can’t support it), but those were the points of economical money at the first place in the same state can la ey? Well in my defense, I was heart a shopaholic appropriate to place and time, I unfair, I was in London, how can you not shop in Primark?! And Harrods, and in whatever place possible to shop, errr right? After months of withholding my interior beast, there must be a question where the beast allowed to obstruction loose right? Okay let me rephrase it in a pleasing without being striking way – reward for steering plain off temptations. Yeay! Haha. Oh and Japan! I cheat not recommend anyone to shop in Japan tho, except you have the bling, you main just go for it! Or you take done major savings like yours truly here, *pats my own back*, or then Gotemba Premium Outlet is doing crazy discounts (hehehe), it’s okay to be crazy about it too – store till you drop, well you but live once (in this world), for what cause not right? Haha, omg please ignore my position here. Qish, is this really your “not the same aspect of adulthood”? Okay okay, uncorrupt focus on the part where I learnt by what means to save money, and resisting that internal beast, alright? 

So anyways, elocution of London and Japan, Alhamdulillah (every part of praise to Lord), I had the opportunities to see those two amazing amazing places! Definitely the highlights of my life in 2015; because the world and its people of totality sorts, and just experiencing incredible prosperity 🙂 I went to London during the chinese just discovered year break in February and Japan, candid recently during the Deepavali break. I could decide that I went to the most wise of west and the best of east, (it’s a in a great degree debatable statement, and very subjective, I perceive but, it’s just an belief of a person with scarce traveling actual feeling, so don’t take this likewise hard aight?) within a year! That’s a part to be thankful for. I’m a successful girl, alhamdulillah. I have so plenteous love for the two cities, I would give a death-blow to. to go again, but if I were to elect either one, tough choice, I’m going to fasten for Japan. I can’t in truth tell why Japan, the heart tells which it wants to tell? lol, though I think it’s because the cities I’d been in Japan are livelier than the-downcast-but-beautiful London. And the aliment I guess? Or was it the cultivation? Oh never mind, it’s the overall experiences I pledge, and just so happened it’s weighing added to Japan *peace hand sign*. But suppose that you do have the chance and chance; fit, by all means please, venture your mode to these two great places. I can’t pledge you’ll agree with me excepting definitely promising you the amazing experiences be ready for!

Okay that’s about now this time surrounding. Oh just so you know, it’s the starting a~ year’s eve, and I’m hither alone in my room, with ~t one fancy dinner but just a plate of fruits, no other plans further to prepare my presentation for tomorrow. Yeah you heard that becoming, TOMORROW, IT’S NOT A HOLIDAY. *cries* I obtain PBL discussion going on in the early part, and then class on pharmacology in the eve. Life as a medical student, in this place in Belgaum. Okay okay I shall not rhodomontade, because I promised myself to have existence grateful and trying to look at life to this place with the best optimism I’ve got. Err. Haha. I unbroken so funny right now, okay I verily should go and study before I arrive sleepy.

Anyway, though I don’t esteem a list of resolutions for the fresh year, I really hope that 2016 determine be another amazing year of self revelation and personal growth. I want to have existence a better person, I want to walk more, I want to experience in greater numbers. I just want to live life at its fullest. And in the same manner should you! 

Till again, to astounding year in advance! So long and good bye 2015, expressions of gratitude for the memories. Happy new year guys, cheers. 

IMG_0016London’s Eye 17th February ’15

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