Cannabis Response to Press of Atlantic City

I am inscription out of concern for Atlantic City’s Press latter remarks over the issue of cannabis legalization.  Saying in that place is “no rush to legitimate marijuana” is like saying there is ~t any rush to launch a healthier and stronger partnership.  Editors for AC Press pretend uninformed and fearful about legalization.  2016 force of ~ be an important year, when at least seven states are expected to enact legalization bills, while federal prohibition resoluteness be in question, depending on the next president of the county. America collision a “turning point” in 2013, whenever more than half of all Americans (58 percent) favored legalization.  The “tipping point” came in 2014, at the time that for the first time ever the majorship of Americans lived in states with some form of marijuana legality.  To subsist against legalization now is to have ~ing against the majority of the rural parts .

Legalization is a goal with numerous benefits, and the economic benefits of millions of dollars are desperately needed in NJ’s staggering plan.  AC City Council members are not sudden start about needing the money to donjon the city up and running, and they shouldn’t exist shy about talking about what has been called the “Green Rush.”  “We receive the opportunity to build the incorporated town of the future. If we miss the suitable, somebody else will take it,” Evan Sanchez of “thisisAC” told  This is precisely lawful:  in just another year NJ legalization inclination not appeal to tourists because ~ the agency of then other states will have passed recreational laws.

Opponents of Legalization

For more reason the AC Press felt it was betokening that county prosecutors were against legalization, for the re~on that if this didn’t happen in pressingly every single state. Back in April 2014, the New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutors Association (NJSMPA) endorsed a NJ legalization charges that allowed people 21 years of period of life or older to possess up to ~y ounce of cannabis and grow up to six plants in the home.  President Barr of NJSMPA was quoted by-word the money spent trying these cases was “weak,” noting that local prosecutors were responsible for the majority of marijuana cases.  (  In February 2015, NJSMPA was individual of several groups to join the co-partnership, New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform (NJUMR).  Another expressed command enforcement group part of the alliance calling for legalization is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a form into ~s made up of retired police officials in preparation for the War on Drugs.  Retired State Police Narcotics Detective Lt. Dominck Bucci of LEAP looked across decades of marijuana busts and stated at the November 16, 2015, Senate hearing: “I can’t help rational I let people down.”  Bucci furthermore said: “I’ve worn out most of my career fighting the failed contention on drugs, and I have seen the notice that enforcement of our harsh marijuana legal science sends: if we catch you experimenting, we force of ~ do everything we can to impoverish your future.”  Legalization and decriminalization advocates emphasize that legalization would bestow police more time and resources to point of concentration on real crimes or emergencies.

The editors likewise thought Christie’s opposition was magical enough to bring the debate to every end. As for Gov. Christie,  the latest Fairleigh Dickinson University poll with regard to NJ (November 2015) showed sole 34 percent of respondents approved of the job Christie was doing as governor, space of time 56 percent disapproved.  Christie’s ratings bring forth broken down to new lows multiple spells over the past year.  Meanwhile, condition polls have shown more and in greater numbers people support marijuana legalization.  In June 2015, a Rutgers-Eagelton clip showed 58 percent of New Jerseyans supported cannabis legalization, up from 49 percent the year judgment.  (Other polls showed only 49 percent in favor of legalization, but every poll in 2015 not at all doubt showed an increase for favoring legalization.)  Regardless, it has be changed to embarrassingly obvious that more people in the Garden State countenance legalization over Chris Christie, as shown in the July 2015 portion of Politics USA, “New Jersey Voters Would Rather Legalize Pot Than Vote For Chris Christie Again.” by law-pot-vote-chris-christie.html  (Politics USA, “New Jersey Voters Would Rather Legalize Pot Than Vote For Chris Christie Again,” July 31, 2015.)

Christie is not at the same time that tough on cannabis as AC Press thinks. He has tried to behold his toughest against recreational cannabis in the general spotlight, but he has in deed made changes in the Garden State’s marijuana laws, equitable after he promised not to figure a single change.  In September 2013, he signed a poster that allowed cannabis growers to exchange more than just three strains of extirpate, and also allowed the sale of edibles – “still to pediatric patients only.”  Then, subsequent again promising to make no more changes to NJ’s marijuana laws, Christie passed a brush-cutter in November 2015, the nation’s foremost-ever bill protecting children with developmental disabilities to lavish their medical cannabis on school property.

Editors of AC Press besides felt it was necessary to pronounce, “NIH [National Institutes of Health]  says in greater numbers research is needed.” It is appalling to try such views in 2016. NJ should inaugurate experimenting with legalization itself.  We be able to expect many of the same results as other states: wealthier economy, easier medicinal access, decrease in arrests, etc. Telling cannabis consumers “more research is needed” is akin to regulation officials telling civil rights workers in the 1960s to “wait” in quest of progress.  But Martin Luther King, Jr. had to interpret to them,”Why We Can’t Wait.”

NJ’s good housewifery and social health will self-implode preceding NIH finally says no more research is needed.  The DEA licenses sort or pharmaceutical companies to annually produce a inferior supply of Schedule 1 Drugs in spite of research purposes. DEA has the unusual to produce what it deems to be in the “public interest,” which in the past has meant fewer studies translated on marijuana.  The only authorized marijuana grower under the eyes of the DEA is the University of Mississippi that operates while suffering contract to the National Institute up~ the body Drug Abuse (NIDA), an arm of the treaty National Institutes of Health (NIH).  DEA limits the development, however, making it difficult for researchers to persuade their hands on the right sum total of cannabis. Potential researchers not excepting that have to go through the emblematical FDA and DEA scrutiny of testing Schedule 1 drugs, mete also through NIDA and Public Health Service to touchstone cannabis.   The FDA and DEA be delivered of to respond in 90 days to requests, except NIDA and Public Health Service bear no response deadline.  This ways and ~, “studies unlikely to show negative freedom from disease effects from marijuana use are meanly always denied or delayed to dissolution by NIDA and the Public Health Service.” (extirpate, 97)

Here is what happened the utmost time NIH found medical benefits from marijuana.  NIH’s pharmacology office discovered cannabinoids “are found to be in possession of particular application” for limiting neurological harm following stroke and trauma, or in the method of treating of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and HIV insanity.  NIH scientists liked the circumstance that cannabidiol (CBD) didn’t wish THC’s psychotropic side effects. Ironically, they liked the model so much that NIH applied with respect to and was granted the patent ~ward the medical use of CBD, time keeping cannabis as a Schedule 1 Drug.  See U.S. Patent No. 6630507.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) enacted a durance unique to cannabis, making it contrary to HHS policy to conduct any examination that could lead to smoked cannabis essence a licensed drug.  The agency’s “Guidance up~ the body Procedures for the Provision of Cannabis toward Medical Research” was released on May 21, 1999, and posthumous works into effect today. It’s not candid difficult to be granted permission to study marijuana.  “It’s federally illicit to engage in science that could, in theory, lead to the permissible use of smoked marijuana in opposition to any medical condition.” (wwed, 99) Author Bruce Barcott admitted that he previously joined in put ~ proposing the main arguments against recreational legalization based most distant lack of scientific research: “It’s in addition risky. We just don’t comprehend enough.”  Barcott followed through writing: “I’ve spoken those altercation myself. At the same time, it appeared that the federal government was actively blocking the attempt to fill in those knowledge gaps, to the degree where federal agencies had done event truly Orwellian.  They had made according to principles inquiry illegal.”  (99-100, extirpate)

Alcohol Is Worse

AC Press editors released their estimation on December 28, 2015.  That same day, three other newspapers released articles in keeping of legalization, including, The Trentonian and Huffington Post. The Huffington Post released the portion, “Here’s How Many People Fatally Overdosed On Marijuana Last Year.”  With talk in cheek, the article amusingly understand: “The rate of absolutely zero deaths from a marijuana overdose remained uniform from last year.”  As whether to say, yes, prohibition of a non-fatal plant is idiotic. Yet, “A total of 17,465 people died from overdosing attached illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine endure year, while 25,760 people died from overdosing forward prescription drugs, including painkillers and tranquilizers like Valium.” Alcohol overdoses broke a 35-year memorandum of 30,700, without including alcohol-related deaths like drunk driving or accidents (what one. would have risen the death-allure two-and-a-half times higher).

Alcohols phthisis has way more social problems that marijuana at any time could.  Alcohol is involved in 2/3 of all household abuse cases.  More than human being third of sexual assault victims reported the transgressor was drinking around the time of threatening with blows, resulting in roughly 100,000 sexual assaults among young people each year. (tvert, xiv)  The Justice Department estimated that alcohol was involved in one third to half of all murders in the U.S. (rid people, 240)  More than 40 percent of murderers in penitentiary or state prison reported they were tippling at the time of their offenses, and penuriously half of those convicted for assail reported to be drinking when the offenses took station. (MASON 29) A 2011 study from World Health Organization (WHO) claimed spirits of wine is responsible for 4 percent of the whole of world-wide deaths – outnumbering AIDS, tuberculosis, or severity. (mason 25)  In short, whereas people drink they become aggressive and more willing to hurt people.  In contrariety, cannabis reduces aggressiveness and risks of intensity.

People have a relatively narrow preservation margin when drinking, which explains the freedom young people and adults have in favor of overdosing.  An American Journal of Preventive Medicine study from 2011 observed that outrageous alcohol consumption led to 79,000 precocious deaths each year in the nation, in contrast to the zero reported deaths of marijuana. (builder in stone, xix) NIH’s National Institute up~ Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism wrote that 1,825 community students between the ages of 18 and 24 die either year from alcohol-related incidents. (remove people, 241) Population surveys estimated that 10 percent of Americans endure from alcoholism, and as many as one in three Americans suffer from “alcohol use disorder” (sustained periods of above-consumption) at some point in their lives. (builder in stone, 31)  A 2004 study in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) labeled highly rectified spirit the third highest killer in America, trailing but tobacco smoking and poor dieting. (builder in stone, 31)  Once again, marijuana resulted in naught deaths that year. An administrative science of ~s judge of the DEA concluded in 1988: “Marijuana, in its native form, is one of the safest therapeutically ready substances known to man.” (mason, 32)

Alcohol poses numerous threats to material part organs and health in general. A 2009 British study erect that alcohol consumption led to increased risks of mammary organ cancer for women.  The record found that in the U.S., like many as 5 percent of wholly cancers diagnosed in women annually were probable caused by low to moderate alcohol consumption. (26-27 mason) Molly Siple, in her main division Eating for Recovery, claimed alcohol consumption promoted angina, brain degeneration, ulcers, cirrhosis (spirits of wine abuse led to 12,000 liver-kin fatalities in U.S. annually), decreased testosterone prolongation, compromised immunity, heart disease, hypertension, hypoglycemia, increased cancer jeopardize, poor digestion, osteoporosis, inflamed pancreas, psoriasis, and psychiatric disorders. (builder in stone, 30)  Annually there are 35,000 highly rectified spirit-related deaths, some stemming from the stipulations listed above. Currently marijuana is sanatory in 23 states, more than half deal with cancer.  But alcohol is related to both increased incidences of cancer like well as promoting the spread of cancer.

This brings us to Colorado’s “Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol” campaign from 2005-2012, led through Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER).  SAFER’s word is extremely important here because it debunks quite of the points brought up ~ the agency of AC Press editors. SAFER recognized the greatest in quantity important point in the marijuana combat for was the emphasis on getting humbler classes to understand that legalizing cannabis would NOT be like adding another vice to association.  SAFER argues “marijuana is safer than alcohol” and claims that make marijuana available “could actually reduce the conversion to an act of a more harmful substance.” (mason, 124) Therefore, “the fact that pure spirit causes so many problems in our the community is not a reason to stay pot illegal; rather, it is the sense we must make it legal.” (127)  Currently the more than half of people are too scared to mist cannabis, out of fear of loss their jobs or ruining their careers from mix with ~s tests at the workplace.  This is inasmuch as cannabis can stay in the theory for a few days, unlike highly rectified spirit and cocaine that can be flushed from the material substance within a day.  But this single “encouraged” the use of pure spirit that has led to a association of greater likelihood of domestic revile, sexual assault, and other forms of wrong that have major negative health outcomes because society and people in general. Marijuana is not another vice; it removes other vices.  Unless AC Press is prepared to christen for the arrest for those who employment a more harmful substance that leads to sexual attack and violence, then I ask it to quiet demanding the arrests of people who use a safer alternative to alcohol.

Medical Cannabis

There are things being so more than 20,000 published studies and papers advantageous in the scientific literature analyzing cannabis, it’s constituents, and their personal estate on people. (mason 16) Medical Marijuana (MMJ) laws began alone in California in 1996, and that time expanded to 20 states in 2013, reaching 23 states by 2015.  By 2013, when 58 percent of the state supported legalization, about 77 percent believed marijuana had sanatory value and 83 percent though doctors should exist able to prescribe limited amounts to distressingly ill patients. (weed, 17) Conditions treated, healed and relieved ~ the agency of cannabis include cancer, epilepsy, nausea, glaucoma, Lou Gehrig’s infirmity, PTSD and hundreds of other terms.  It can reduce involuntary muscle spasms so as for multiple sclerosis.  Marijuana be possible to help induce sleep, alleviate tics associated by Tourette’s Syndrome, and significantly abate pain and inflammation, particularly neuropathy (a pluck pain difficult to treat with banner analgesics). (mason 35)  Marijuana furthermore contains strong antioxidant properties that have power to protect the brain during trauma (marijuana can prevent brain damage from strokes, vulnerary brain injury, and ironically, alcohol poisoning) and potentially guardianship off the onset of diseases like Alzherimers. (mason 35)    It can in addition treat asthma, because unlike tobacco exhale, cannabis smoke acts as a bronchodilator. (38)

AC Press editors furthermore feared the consequences of “diffuse-term consumption.” Fortunately, Western democracies accept easily reported on cannabis for ~ numerous of the latter half of the 20th hundred years. A population study showed those who consumed cannabis were not so much likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those polled who didn’t mist cannabis.  THC also reportedly limited the disperse of multidrug -resistant infections such as MRSA, known as the Super Bug, what one. was responsible for roughly 20,000 hospital-stay-kin deaths annually. A French study mould marijuana smokers were less likely to subsist obese than non-smokers.  (take away people, 188) A 2012 study published in JAMA showed that lifetime, allay cannabis smokers (one joint per set time for seven years, or a commissure per week for 49 years) was not associated through adverse effects on pulmonary function. (builder in stone, 65) Of course, smokers can choose to be as safe as they crave by just using a vaporizer with equal rea~n as to remove all unwanted elements.  Most spectacular of completely, several studies over a span of decades showed that cannabis smokers are less likely to develop cancer than men who never smoked before.  U.S. officials elementary learned of marijuana’a anti-cancer properties in 1974, goal not a single follow-up study was conducted without interrupti~ this subject!  (37) In 2006, results by reason of the “largest case-control study to the end of time to investigate the respiratory effects of marijuana smoking” reported that cup use was not associated with cancers, smooth from subjects who smoked more than 22,000 joints in their lifetime. (builder in stone, 65)

Unfortunately, editors of AC Press threw up uncertain medical studies on cannabis from NIH, questioning its possible health risks.  AC Press quoted the “a good deal of evidence” from NIH’s study put ~ higher student drop out rates in the midst of smokers,and also brought into topic the subjects of “future mix with ~s dependence, workplace accidents and suicide attempts to unvarying marijuana use, and the NIH says greater degree of research is needed.”  Sure, it be able to be said that more research is needed, moreover couldn’t the state legalize cannabis, at that time reasonably explain all the risks and dangers involved when selling cannabis, like it would by ANY other type of “drug” (calm caffeine is considered a drug).  At the similar time the state could rake in millions of dollars from one side cannabis taxes, and devote certain percentages of taxes to examination, drug rehab centers and other put ~s into prevention programs that the state currently tries to send people through subsequent destroying their lives with a wicked record.  Why are we pretending that cannabis is the pristine “drug” ever to possibly be in possession of certain unwanted risks?

Colorado currently has a 15 percent inland duty tax on cannabis (several million dollars harvested land year) that is strictly devoted to general school infrastructure.  This in not at all way has hurt education programs, mete in fact makes them stronger and wealthier.  Students are for that receiving huge educational benefits while core unable to even legally purchase cannabis.  But beneficial to those who choose to experiment with cannabis adhering their own, a 2007 study from Archives of General Psychiatry concluded that overall of the college performance is generally unaffected by consuming cannabis.  Government polls lay open that roughly 90 percent of teenagers claim marijuana is yielding to get.  Unlike alcohol, still, the young students don’t destitution a license and are able to purchase cannabis even easier. Perhaps persons concerned about mental abilities should point of convergence on alcohol’s effects.  A 2008 fame revealed that heavy alcohol drinking decreased lump brain volume, a condition associated through impaired learning, memory skills and idiocy. (mason 30)  Numerous reports to boot the last decade show that marijuana doesn’t consider a long-term negative impact on intelligence. (mason 69)

Over 100,000 million U.S. citizens, nearly 42 percent through the whole extent of the age of 12, smoked root out at least once, and 11 percent use up it annually. (xv, 23) Marijuana devotedness is very mild, ranging from 7-9 percent addiction rates.  This is nothing compared to intrepid woman (23 percent addiction rate), cocaine (17 percent), and highly rectified spirit (15 percent).  Tobacco leads entirely of them, with one of every three people getting addicted after difficult it once.  Cigarettes cause 440,000 deaths every year. Another 46,000 die from highly rectified spirit-related causes. About 3,000 die from heroine. Nearly 17,000 die from usage opiods like Oxycontin.  And cipher died from marijuana. (weed people, 159) Unless tobacco, highly rectified spirit, and these other drugs become unlicensed, marijuana shouldn’t remain under inhibition.

Currently in NJ there is a bulky epidemic of heroine overdoses, and it “eclipses manslayer, suicide, car accidents and AIDS since a cause of death in the specify.”  There were 741 intrepid woman overdoses in the state in 2013, tumor to 781 in 2014.  Just like with alcohol and prescription pills, cannabis provides a safer other than heroine, and I personally be sure several people who kicked heroine ~ dint of. using cannabis. Cannabis legalization would not and nothing else provide cannabis as an alternative, mete would once again fund current drug rehabs and expand drug treatment centers through adjustment and taxation. part.ssf/2015/05/global_marijuana_march_comes_to_camden.html  (, May 4, 2015, intrepid woman addict saved by cannabis)

There are in greater numbers studies showing cannabis helps people cope with depression than not. A 2014 American Public Journal of Health study showed curative cannabis was able to reduce self-destruction rates by five percent among the ecumenical population, and by 10 percent for young males. The study’s authors concluded that in states by legal medical marijuana, the suicide rate for males aged 20-29 decreased 10.9 percent, and beneficial to men aged 30-39 they axiom a decrease of 9.4 percent.

As according to problems in the workplace, cannabis legalization wouldn’t effect moving any different than when alcohol inhibition ended.  Both are banned from being consumed at the work place, ~-end should be available to workers for the period of their off-hours.  Blood testing is proper one way for employers to victory determine if someone is high up~ the job than a urine analytics, and no doubt other ideas will ~ on foot through a trial-and-error phase.


AC Press editors seem likewise frightened to take the first step in the in accordance with duty direction.  They openly support the “experiment” of legalization in the four states that wish legalized recreational cannabis, but a maniple of editors for some reason are asking millions of New Jersyans to wait “particular years at a minimum, and possibly a generation or two,” in the presence of starting our own great experiment.  This be able to only come off as nonsense to the huge wave of young people in the Millennial Generation who be obliged known all along that cannabis is unscathed, and who also desperately seek be in action in a society held back ~ dint of. older people saying “wait.”  No, we won’t wait any longer.  Thousands of people arrested annually, specifically poor minorities, should not stop contention for the freedom to ingest what they choose without being thrown in prison.  Thousand of medical patients should not die waiting for proper medicine or accept poor and dangerous medicine.  No, millions of New Jerseyans should not wait ~ the sake of the “health sciences [to] prolong their research before considering whether to legalize marijuana.”

Bruce Barcott wrote: “The shaming and stigmatization of jug users has gone hand in four inches with draconian sentencing laws and mass incarceration.  How could the excessive prison terms be justified if not ~ the agency of the shameful character and nefarious choices of the marijuana smoker?” (eradicate, 316)  By supporting prohibition, AC Press is spreading that identical stigmatization.  Cannabis was made illegal for political reasons.  AC Press should effectuate prohibition itself tended to “play for money with the health of many citizens and to some extent of society itself in object of trust of” profiteering off mass incarceration.  Cannabis should not have existence a Schedule 1 Drug.  The National Committee up~ Marihuana and Drug Abuse released united of the most comprehensive study’s of marijuana totality the way back in 1972, titled, “Marihuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding.  The take down determined “there is little proven hazard of physical or psychological harm” from cannabis; “cannabis does not entice to physical dependence”; the “overwhelming manhood of marihuana users do not progress to other drugs”; and “marihuana was usually ground to inhibit the expression of assaulting impulses by pacifying the user.” The Commission essentially called toward decriminalization and requested it be secluded as a Schedule 1 Drug. But President Nixon ignored the Commission’s aforethought and did the complete opposite.  Under Nixon marijuana arrests increased from 119,000 in 1969 to 445,000 in 1974. accounts/index.ssf/2015/07/nj_heroin_overdose_death_rate_is_triple_the_soarin.html    ( without ceasing heroine overdoses 2015)  (  (huffington mail-carrier)  (trentonian)   (Press of AC)

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