Choosing Where to do Neuroscience

Hi guys, apologies that my principal post on TSR will be in the same state a long one

I’ve fair sent my application off to study Neuroscience at:


Having done probably as much research as anyone up~ this topic (at least 100 hours) I am hushed undecided as to my order of election (although my current thinking is the proper state listed above). There is quite a grain of data available but all of it seems truly poor quality/deceiving/conflicting, as far as I can tell they are every part of very good for neuroscience.

The things that body most to me are: Quality of breeding on the course, employment opportunities and hire after finishing the course, ability to complete a masters (preferably year in industry rather than research based) and scholar nightlife (enjoy both pubs and a neat dirty rave but not so a great quantity ‘studenty’ clubs)

I prefer the developmental, behavioral, sensory and pharmacology sides of neuroscience to the cellular, molecular and anatomical sides and am individually interested in disorders of the spirited system.

Also keep in mind although it might seem narrow minded on the other hand I generally don’t like posh/remarkably rich types

Any opinions on that is best for me preferably through reasons why would be really appreciated or fair general advice about the unis ive applied to, Cheers!

Its goal is to obviate lives by helping people stay well through preventing cancer or detecting it early; by helping people get well ~ dint of. being there for them during and after a cancer diagnosis; by finding cures from one side investment in groundbreaking discovery; and by fighting back by rallying lawmakers to tilt laws to defeat cancer and ~ the agency of rallying communities worldwide to join the unsheathe the sword.

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