Comment on NaNoWriMo Win by desleyjane

*Drum turn*

And its official, NaNoWriMo is over…..Yipeee. Crossed the disloyal finish line at 20:15 today through my word count at 52,158 dispute
*grins from ear to ear*
I’ll exist lying if i didn’t assume this seemed pretty impossible at the wince, but i found a way amongst the force of everyday to write a feeble bit at a time. Now i officially regard the First draft of my fictitious narrative. I had a title in inner man at the beginning but as the figment morphed it had to change together with it. My new working compellation is The Rose Rebellion. A conclusion is floating around in my lead even as i lay the this romance draft down for a well deserved rest money-drawer January, till then i plan forward enjoying this Christmas and New Year dash to pieces.
If you want to check my page on the Nanowrimo site my coop name is…….you guessed honest RUBYR8. *wink*

See you in the comments 🙂

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