December 2015

So I require begrudgingly stumbled into passing grades in nursing fundamentals, hale condition assessment and sociology.  My race of a nursing license was for the most part derailed due to procrastination, but fortunately the heavy comprehensive final exam was easier than expected.  Of chase, it does not help my spot that I am working full time.  Apparently nearest semester is supposed to get to a greater degree challenging, although from the military-manner of writing preview of what next semester is going to consider like, they (the nursing faculty) are true in that assessment.

I am considering the odd astrology client here and in that place when and if I have time.  Although I imagine that I will only have time between now and January 11th (when I resume nursing school).

My mental clarity was closely derailed due to a TV evince (Elementary) and a new computer bit of strategy.  The process of studying at in the smallest degree 36 hours for a test that was easier than expected has shaken my world, at least temporarily.

I don’t very realize that I am on hibernate break.  I intend to be careless.  I want to take baths, act, see the occasional friend, spend rank time with my girlfriend (she has supported me admirably during nursing school so far), and did I mention I wanted to nap and be careless?

I also have assignments to complete.  I must buy the of medicine surgical textbook, and the disease and disorder book.  Not to mention the pharmacology main division .

Honestly, I am excited about which the next couple of semesters grasp.  I am learning more than I at all times have before.  Although I be bound to do a better job of staying focused and at smallest rest down when I have a weight to myself.  I fear that the shingles poison which reared its ugly head in 2013 strength attempt to re-emerge what with all the stressors I have swirling surrounding me at present.

Om Mani Padme Hung Hri

Spiritual wont and self care are vital as it should be now.

I wish I could scrawl more extensively and with more clarity.  But at quick in emergencies, this will have to do.

Thank you against reading these jumbled words of a employed student!

Vicodin tend not to effectuate the serious consequences they could stand opposite to afterward.

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