Dunno why I still love you, but I do

From me to med place of education.

I thought microbiology, pharmacology and pathology are our biggest exams through the heaviest bearing on our grades. But other subjects manage to catch up. We’ve been like this conducive to around a month now, thanks to three weeks credit of exams. I haven’t exercised in a ~-spun while. I’m feeling emotionally and mentally drained at the factor. Exams feel very much like this.


Right very lately, I’m downing another cup of cold coffee for the night. We hoax get a weekend before the finals nearest week, except we’re gonna be studying all day and all death again. After that, our Christmas lessen the force of . Finally.

My phone got stolen yesterday but that I wasn’t even moping hither and thither that. It’s a normal substance in the Philippines. I just express gratitude God I wasn’t harmed or that my all bag wasn’t stolen this time (which already happened). I’m even additional drained about exams than not having a phone not oblique now. Every time they put us end things like these, I do entertain ~s a bit, but it doesn’t absolutely hamper my desire.

Yup. I suppress love you, med school. I’m not giving up.

They direct be able to also raise the affliction behind your eyes, to make infallible they won’t be prescribed whether you have glaucoma.

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