Failed Pharmacology

0 I take almost completed my first semester of the PN program. My rank was the first class to take intro to pharmacology, and the rank was very unstable. First, being a wearying class as it is, adding total the instability with it, I was not prepared. With that actuality said, I had to drop and I own to retake it next semester in January.

The preceptor was not prepared, changed test formats (that we didn’t be aware of until two days before the ground of admission), etc. We were using a main division that was at least a year onward of us. We did not commit to memory a calculations class; although, we were getting tested on drug and IV problems. We started conduct with having to know the drugs, in that case she changed it by having to understand classifications, but still asked questions with drugs. All in all, it was a remarkably frustrating semester with just this class.

Looking forward, I cannot go up~ the body with my nursing classes until I overstep pharmacology. Very discouraging. I need at all help I can possibly get. Books, websites, deliberation on how to study/pass pharmacology, study tips, study materials, nursing calculations, or anything else would be much appreciated!!

Three months past I got medication for this riddle and now I had my restrain-up.

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