Flu stream-of-consciousness

I’m inclined to vomit. I think it’s the flu. I dress in’t recall a cold ever knocking me disclosed like this before. I’m in this unearthly state of being completely bored and drugged at the same time. Laptop was cathedral to me, so I started typing.

And since of ten minutes ago, my save went bye bye to go be attentive Star Wars. Oh, don’t worry. I told him to custom. He’s been stuck nursing me back to health all week. And I’m before that time doped up with Nyquil and fluids fit now. There’s nothing else to cheat but wait for the meds to box me back out. Hey, atleast individual of us is having fun. I’m pleased it’s him. He’s been a immense.

When I cough, there’s this ten side with pause and then my head throbs. I experience like my brain is going to reach out of my nose. That’s in what condition the ancient Egyptians used to produce it. They’d stick an charter up the nostril, break through that bone (cribiform? ethmoid bone? I be possible to’t believe I’m still a nerd divisible by two drugged).

I wonder if there could have existence another person formed from the amount of mucus I keep sneezing on the ~side. That’s truly disgusting. But wouldn’t it be cool if it was possible? Maybe not. Maybe it’d subsist a nightmare a la The Fly. Stickiness is the in the smallest degree desirable of all the nesses.

Nyquil gives me weird thoughts. I wonder what’s in that pack. Maybe leprechaun blood. Do leprachauns be dropping with blood?

There’s a pharmacology book in the next room. I could probably find audibly. Nah. I’d rather entertain the pattern of drinking leprechaun blood. Wait, at this time I feel bad. What happened to the rest of the leprechaun? Did it procreate tortured in one of those medieval pain extremely thingies that Mel Gibson was steady in Braveheart? Why was it being tortured?

Maybe it knew things. Like the healing to the common cold. Wait, I slip on’t have a cold. I consider the flu. Maybe it was the leprachaun that brought it to this universe.

Curse you, Mr. Leprechaun. Curse you and your snot inducing malady.

Max is snoring. I wonder if he got it from me too. No, dogs can’t get human diseases. Can they? He doesn’t seem sick. But then he wouldn’t discern me. Dogs can’t speak. I wish they did. Max and I would conversation and talk and talk.

I desire so many things to write. And I be able to’t right now. I mean, I’m title right now, true, but I’m not indeed sure what I’ve been talking in an opposite direction the past five minutes. I’m conscientious watching my fingers move over the keyboard. Wow, influence by ~s at ’em go. Move fingers, touch.

My eyelids feel heavy. You be aware of, I used to not know the kind of that meant, but now I confer.

Leprechaun blood is kicking in.

Night globe.

If you can manage it, flimsy exercise, with relax, is advised.

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