HELP! professor going to fail me on final

0 Okay,

Im in a transitional program Lpn to Rn at a CC and its my before anything else semester (end of) a 4 semester program. Im apprehension a nursing class mixed with a pharmacology class. The pharm class is a 1 credit 3 touchstone class + a final. We just today took our definitive and havnt had a test inasmuch as october. My professor stressed to us that whether or not we didnt use dimensional analysis, just if we got a correct respond the answer was WRONG. she related this at the beginning of the semester.

I wish a B in the class and am okay at DA. I took last today and she gave me a 30 % adhering the final because my dosage calculations were correct they wernt according to her standards “dimensional resolution”

what she says is we plant up the problem as 1. the kind of we have on hand then 2. the sort of is ordered or conversion then 3. that which is ordered is conversion was used in step 2. She related to me today the reason she prominent me so low was i “inverted my fractions” and enjoin the have as say for a riddle of doc orders 500 mg of A and in c~tinuance hand is 250 mg of tablets of a . we should magnificence as : 1 tab/250 mg X 500 mg /dose WITH TABS BEING AS NUMERATOR.

i utilized format 250 mg/ 1 tab X drench/500 mg with tabs being of the same kind with denominator I was able to suit appropriately using method of desired/take. and i have failed the deportment now cannot move on to clinicals inasmuch as we need to have a 75 % to do. i have two days to toothed an appeal before we break despite 6 weeks for winter break and i lack to have representation that what i did steady all my problems utilizing this method is indeed dimensional analysis. I be the subject of found documents online that argue during the term of both tabs on top and tabs put ~ bottom.

Please help me acquire some ammunition when i go to mention in speaking to the grievance department tomorrow and another time on friday.

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