Jihadi bride led the way at party massacre: Malik opened fire first as her husband hesitated report reveals – amid claims she ‘wore the pants’ in the marriage and spent late nights talking on the web

ISIS announced in c~tinuance radio that the couple were followers of the terror group
Tashfeen Malik, 29, is thinking to have radicalized husband Syed Farook
Witnesses described to what degree she shot first in the bear down upon which killed 14
Family members in her real Pakistan said she used to bring about gradually Western dress, but switched to burka rear going to university
Relatives said she in like manner began posting extremist material on Facebook and spoke in Arabic to a mystery caller late at night
Other declared family were influential and were known to own extremist links
Investigators say Malik, 28, left a carry to the ledger on a Facebook page using each alias pledging allegiance to ISIS and its ruler of the roost al-Baghdadi
President Obama insisted today that the US ‘determination not be terrorized’

6 December 2015

Jihadi bride Tashfeen Malik shooter first at the San Bernardino slaughter a report has revealed as the FBI examine claims she was responsible for radicalizing her spouse.

Witnesses have told The Sunday Times in what manner Malik, 29, had been the highest to open fire on her husband’s co-workers at a body politic department holiday party while Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, appeared to ‘falter.’

Intelligence sources fear she may receive been a terrorist, who traveled to the U.S. to unite in marriage Farook with the sole purpose of carrying off a deadly attack.

Family of Malik draw how she turned from the Westernized daughter of a copious family to burka-wearing jihadi bride in imitation of she appeared to have become radicalized though studying pharmacology at Bahauddin Zakariya University in the incorporated town of Multan, Pakistan.

After two years of attending the university, starting in 2007, she began posting extremist statements in successi~ Facebook, her relative said, adding that it was a occasion of concern for her family.

According to the LA Times, a relevant of Mailk’s in Pakistan, who asked not to have existence named, said Malik would stay up late chatting to someone in Arabic.

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