Lyme antibiotics revisited

There are a astonishing number of drugs, many of what one. are not antibiotics, which have anti-lyme/anti-persister goods. An additional 113 agents are presented through Zhang in the latest article published in “antibiotics” September, 2015. Some of these drugs are in trite use, amongst Lyme patients – goal to treat something else. The catalogue includes antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, anthelminthics and antiparasitics. Other, sudden agents are in the list embody an arcane antidepressant. Of course daptomycin heads the annulet. Drugs already in common use comprehend: artemisinin (very effective), Diflucan-fluconazole (extremely effective) and rifamycin related agents. The modern two from this list are referred to because active hits. Other less active hits embody some quinolones (not in clinical application) and a limited list of small room wall agents, available, but also not without details used. Rifampin (rifamycin) is of greater part to me. My grasp of this physic has evolved. ALS (Advanced Laboratory Services) adds rifampin to cultivation medium to cultivate Borrelia. This force lead one to conclude that rifampin does not despatch Lyme. Studies show that Rifampin kills persister forms of Lyme, not spirochetes: makes discernment. Lyme is rarely found in kindred. The few free swimmers are referred to being of the kind which planktonic. These are motile spirochete forms. Spirochete forms are not killed ~ means of Rifampin and therefore can be cultured in a mean containing rifampin.  The antipersister properties of rifampin are well known notwithstanding the treatment of tuberculosis which requires the practice of 4 antibiotics over a determination of many months.

A new study published in “Nature” Lehar et al, discuses a modern approach for the treatment of Staph aureus. The study states that Staph bacteria hide inner part cells, a protected milieu. (Mouse mould). Staph aureus survive within phagocytic macrophages (the cells which “eat” and eliminate offending pathogens). The S. aureus were rest to spread via a Trojan colt mechanism, a mechanism also employed ~ the agency of Lyme. The most potent anti-Staph aureus, MRSA antibiotics, vancomycin and daptomycin were impotent to eradicate intracellular MRSA staph. In the catch mice, intracellular infection allowed widespread invasion into frequent organs, including the brain. Not advantageous.

These researchers took a fresh come near to killing S. aureus. The idea was to clone antibodies against S. aueus, meet with the best antibody and link it to ~y antibiotic creating a new molecule, some “antibody-antibiotic conjugate.

The antibiotic chosen since the project was neither vancomycin nor daptomycin. The physic was from the rifamycin class of antibiotics. Compared by vancomycin and daptomycin the minimal inhibitory concentration of the rifampin-like physic, intracellular and extracellular, was infinitely (desultory exaggeration) better than the other couple drugs. The second best drug predetermined was a forth agent, linezolid ~ dint of. the way. The rifamycin class of antibiotics were praised in opposition to: high potency, unaltered bactericidal activity in unmanly phagosomal pH and an ability to oppose intracellular insults.

This new “AAC” ~ed was more effective than all other agents and versed to clear the S. aureus in the pry about, including organisms hiding inside the intracellular recess. This new class of drug determination not be available for human application, if it pans out, for a moral works 10 years or more.

I enjoin not say exactly how I feast patients (which varies quite a piece), but…

The news about rifampin and of the same family drugs is good. Perhaps with antibodies even now present in our system we be able to hope for a similar result. The unaccustomed compound is made of a rifampin-liked deaden with narcotics linked to a specific antibody.  

I hold long thought that rifampin was first principle for treating Bartonella. Maybe this is inappropriate. Maybe the extra Herx that occurs with the addition of Rifampin because is fit to killing a variety of pathogens estate within cells, perhaps including Lyme and Staph with respect to all we know.

The paradigm of treating Lyme is expanding and becoming more complex. An understanding of the pharmacology of individual drugs, synergistic properties, woven stuff penetration and many other factors new wine be understood by an experienced clinician in the formulation of efficient drug cocktails. Individual responses to drugs are considerably variable. There is not a one size fits all approach that is consistently effectual.

This can be normally referred to like a silent asthma attack.

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