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I presume this might be a delayed station. I have passed my second year of physic!

First year was definitely tough nevertheless interesting as it marks the earliest year of me facing cadavers. Tons and tons of them. Second year on the other hand is kind of unimpassioned with dry or uninteresting lectures judicial lectures aside. Yes we have juridical classes this year and it is good so fun. Not in a psychopathic second nature but in a good one. Seeing as being yourself how an autopsy is effected, how the doctors come up by theories of how the person dies, which position he was in, if it was suicide or murder, how many people were involved and the think proper continues. However, there are more self directed learning which I prefer way more than lectures as I feel I learn more myself and ofttimes zone out in class if not occupied copying the slides which I choose NOT read over and then not memorize anything the lecturer says.

Then there are autopsy classes which sweeps most distant the boring part of year sum of ~ units for a bit. I managed to guard a few so far and frequent are suicide cases. You cannot imagine the kind of methods they use. Normally you would fancy of hanging, jumping off a fabric or even taking poison but persons here take it a step more distant. Some of them set themselves attached fire and some lie on railway tracks and wait in quest of the train to run over them. The results are exactly nasty and the amount of pang they have to go through is equitable unimaginable. Nevertheless, there were cases of put an end to too where a few people killed this shrunk man by strangulating him.

After plenteous thoughts about what happened recently, I was just thinking if I have made the ~ful choice. The right person to like. Or am I so much as suitable for him. As in I am someone surpassingly stubborn and have a strong headed distinct. Would I be indifferent with him round or will I become submissive. At spells, I wished I were more tender-hearted, more ladylike but it is happy impossible. I might be on the other extreme point of the stick whereby I main be exactly like what my brother’s girlfriend is facing after this. Being investigated and rejected by his parents. Difference essential ~ me not as wild as her al~ I might be crazy at spells but I am very conservative. I cheat not know. I might actually boldness the same thing but at in the smallest degree I have a strong case. I accept nothing to hide and I determine make sure I am of measure level as him if not greater amount of.

This being said, I have beyond a doubt to take my USMLE for divers reasons. Studying abroad to experience and besides obtain better exposure as well of the same kind with education, migrating but mostly because I know he will be working overseas and not reach back so soon. I just require to keep my options open and whether or not there is any chance, I wish to exist closer to people I care with regard to more and also my college friends whom I miss in like manner very much.

My dear roommate, Michelle is for a like rea~n adorable. She sent me a draw stating “when your crush lasts additional than 4 months that is called core in love”. I always tell her I like him and not fondness him so she sent me that proficient that it has been so various years. She is so cute and I am extremely proud of her. When I primitive met her, she told me she can’t strange to say cook rice and always made pottage instead as her rice became porridge. Now she has been learning by what means to cook from me she is accomplished to cook a variety of dishes. Funny interest is there is this guy who thinks she after what is stated cannot cook just because she does not give a color to for him does not mean she cannot color forever. People learn and I am a energetic believer that no one CANNOT give a color to or do something when they esteem their mind set on it. Normally the public just do not want to try used up because once they are able to confer it, they no longer have persons doing it for them. This is called sentient selfish and lazy. Selfish to your parents, friends and those that genuinely cares with respect to you.

That is all for very lately. It is quite late here and I to this time have got my Pharmacology to make perfect reading. 1st block examination is candid a few days away. The matter I am updating my blog was truly to get things off my minds according to a moment.

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