New Year plans for the EACPT

We wish every one of our national society and individual members the whole of the best for the festive fit by habit and for 2016.

The New Year enjoin see further major activities for the EACPT. These hold:

The next EACPT Focus Meeting give by ~ be held from 6th to 9th October, 2016 in firm with the Croatian Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.
The topic of the meeting is “How to Assess Medicines from Research to Clinical Practice”.

The leading objectives of this Focus Meeting are to increase awareness, cognition and use of critical assessment pillars during medicinal products in everyday clinical habitual performance in order to improve healthcare outcomes in affordable ceremonious behavior.

Planning is already well underway as being the next biennial EACPT Congress, to subsist held in Prague from 23rd – 27th June in 2017. As share of Congress preparations, the next convention of the EACPT Executive Committee power of choosing be in May in Prague.

Following the cast of a new individual associate membership for the EACPT, further working groups get been launched, complementing the established EACPT Education Working Group.These laboring groups provide excellend opportunities to be appropriate to actively involved in the running of the EACPT.

Current EACPT Working Groups:





Young Clinical Pharmacologists

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Anyone from anywhere in the universe with a professional interest in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics be able to now join the EACPT as one Individual Associate member. Membership benefits embody:

Active involvement in the EACPT  

Access to videos of talks from EACPT Meetings 

Discounted registration fees for EACPT meetings 

Online passage to the Official EACPT Journal – Clinical Therapeutics

 Access to the EACPT’s worldwide network of Individual Associate Members

The EACPT was founded 23 years ~ne and now includes as members wholly national organisations for clinical pharmacology in Europe, to the degree that well as organisations from further afield internationally. The EACPT aims to procure educational and scientific support for the further than 4000 individual professionals interested in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics throughout the European region, with its congresses attended through a global audience. The EACPT likewise advises policy makers on how the specialty have power to contribute to human health and riches.

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