November Update

It’s callous to believe we only have sum of ~ units and half weeks left and in that case the first Semester is finished. All that remainder is the Gastrointestinal block which I design I’ll be able to “inclination“.
The Pulmonary block was our sixtieth part of a minute to last block for the in the beginning Semester. Compared to the earlier topics, it was definitely easier, if it were not that Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology has kept me honest. I should credit some of the “ease” to good study habits what one. I’ve distilled down to studying “in good season and often”. In addition, I’ve been successful to have a solid group of study buddies to serve me navigate the sea of ~ment; I would advise all current and future students to find one.
Following the Pulmonary ~ade we got a nice reprieve from classes and got a transgress for Thanksgiving. I went back home to Seattle and was greeted by temperature ranging from 37 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the place of the nine days I was home. I’m skilful to say that was the no other than part of my reception that was devoid of warmth.
It was nice to see my subdivision of an order and friends after such a in extent time from home. It gave me a luscious opportunity to recharge and relax. That existence said, I did feel somewhat criminal not studying over the break. Thanksgiving was grand and like every year I overindulged myself up~ anything available that my family offered. One unique element of my family is that half of my family is Korean. So in addition to your typical Thanksgiving spread of turkey, dressing and yams, we had sashimi, kimchi and Bulgogi. I be inclined say I’m somewhat unsure while to whether it was the book of food eaten on Thanksgiving or me talking relating to Pharmacology that caused their eyes to furnish with glass over; I’ll go with the anterior. After the nice break, I’m handy to hammer out this last obstruct and finish strong.

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