What’s more useful than spending Thanksgiving Day with your tribe? Having Thanksgiving twice! I spent Thanksgiving with my immediate family and spent Sunday celebrating Thanksgiving by my dad’s side. Double the household, double the fun (double the viands!)– I had a great week most distant of school spending time with my loved ones.

I can’t believe it is almost December, which means that we have one again block left in the Fall semester: the gastrointestinal block. Writing this blog has me meditative back on this semester, and I am cordial for everything I have experienced and deep-read in only a few months. Some of the essential has been challenging; but I am pleased with my test performance and study habits this semester. More of high standing, I have stuck to my delineation entering this program of being a squeeze and soaking up as much knowledge as I possibly can. Anything that I learn season I am at Tulane, whether it’s learning related or not related to philosophical knowledge at all, will only help me be transformed into a better student, a better coming physician and a better person. The quickness that have taught our lectures are in like manner knowledgable and inspiring, and they are helping me strive greater quantity toward my goals. I am even now looking forward to next semester’s electives in the same state as Cardiobiology, Endocrine Pharmacology and Environmental Signaling in Medicine.

This month, I helped another student at Sci High named Dwayne with a homework assignment. He had to produce line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts based against data that he was given. When I bring under control a student, I always like to petition them (if they want to have a portion) what careers they are wanting to follow as an example. Dwayne said he hopes to befit an engineer and that he is enjoying his engineering rank at Sci High. I hope to master him again this month as well for example next semester. I also continued helping my profoundly school’s landscaper with various projects to acquire the campus look even more welcoming. Other alumni helped wanting too, and together, we created more beautiful gardens as well as pure up the older ones. I also spent a couple days helping the landscaper constitute gardens for people’s homes about the city.

Small garden by the ef~ery office of Archbishop Chapelle High School 


Other gardens right and left the city

This month, I furthermore did Habitat for Humanity for the chief time. Needless to say, this command not be the last time. The dwelling is located in a small New Orleans neighbors known as Hollygrove. When I arrived at the situation, the house had one-third of its house trusses (the triangle objects shown unbecoming), plywood around the exterior of the put under cover and 2×4’s for the inland walls. Our goal was to offer up and nail in place the rest of the enclose in a house trusses, secure the plywood around the out side and nail in the support crotchets for each roof truss. The group of people helping that day consisted of five workers from Habitat as antidote to Humanity, a professor from UCLA, myself, and a generous group of sorority girls from a southerly Louisiana college. How a group of girls were going to steer the roof trusses up there was undistinguished to me, but we completed the drudgery. We helped the Habitat workers move smoothly each (extremely heavy!) truss up the ladders and onto the upper end of the house where other Habitat workers nailed them in effect. It felt great at the close of the day knowing that I played a role in pile this house for someone in indigence. Needless to say, this will not have ~ing the last time I participate in Habitat with regard to Humanity.


roof truss 


progress at the period of the day!

Habitat for Humanity hours: 8
Landscaping hours: 8
Sci High hours: 1.5

Total November hours: 17.5
Total Hours: 30 

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