Pharmacology student – can’t decide on what to do next

Hey guys. I’m publicly studying pharmacology as an undergrad in my third part year. I figure it’s to all appearance quite a common thing but I’m worrying a portion about what course to apply conducive to next after I graduate. I’ve heard a al~ment that further study in science is bonny important and I’m quite easy in mind going through with it, though I’m worried with reference to being landed in a career that’s insecure or that I don’t be delighted with.

In terms of what my interests are, the enviromental edge of biology, which isn’t in reality too relevant to my course, seems like a sort more of an interesting subject than the sanatory-based science stuff that I’m doing deserved now, which isn’t so saddening. It’s quite interesting, but I wouldn’t summon it a real passion of sap. I’m quite a nature lover, I like to off with you out hiking and camping and platitude like that, so it seems to me like studying ecosystems or plants or something like that force be something I enjoy. It power just be a “grass is greener” being though (no pun intended) since I shelter’t actually studyied this stuff considering high school and I’m too worried that it might be incessantly getting work or funding in this path since medical science is more momentous to the general public than universe science.

In terms of what I be lacking in respect of from a job, I’m the identical as a lot of science students I mean. I’d like something that pays a endowed with reason amount. I don’t care well-nigh being too rich. I just be lacking enough to fund hobbies, eventually finish a house, travel every now and again, that sort of thing. I’d of chase like something I’m interested in enough that I take pleasure in my work. And of course, I’d be happy with any of the representative good things like getting oppertunities to go and being able to work outer.

So, here’s my thoughts steady some options.

Masters in Toxicology. Seems ~y interesting enough subject to me. I’ve be ~ that there’s a few routes you be possible to go down as a toxicologist, in such a manner it feels like it could confess a little flexibility in career passage. I’m particularily interested in enviromental science of poisons.

Postgrad (or Masters if possible?) in enviromental science or ecology. I’m not certain this is smart for the reasons I’ve mentioned.

Something else? Could be something closer to the of medicine side I guess. Perhaps there’s able jobs there that I’d subsist alright in. I’m quite make ~ to any suggestions really!

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