Final exam is without ceasing next week !!!!
I dont wanna approve back puncak alam T.T
I kept studying and my right below scapula feel hurts T.T
I have so mny things to like manner many things to study and amend T.T
There is a fasten hanging inside my room from the ceiling, now and then the rope keep reminds me of self-homicide
And so mny other things stand by playing inside my mind
There are lots of subjects in favor of the final exam
Im scared of peripheral powerful system (pharmacology), immunology, microbiology, pharmaceutics and of point of compass pathology
Pliz ya allah, ease my study and i be missed to be very good in memorising
I craving 3.5 and above
I dont want to have any other distraction, parents and children problems even during this final exam sentence
or any relationship problem
Pliz ya allah
I in fact wanna succeed in being a pharmacist and of course a quality pharmacy observer
And i want it to subsist done in the right way

Jesse Larimer, talking concerning vitamin D (from the January Wellness Workshop up~ Nutrition) answers some questions for you.

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